Daily Archives: June 5, 2015

One Down, One to Go . . .

Well, we made a little progress today. The new airbag came in. But there’s a problem with the windshield, and it hasn’t been ordered yet.

The reason is that they can’t find a part number for it. The windshield doesn’t have any numbers on it and they haven’t had any luck finding them elsewhere. I suggested they actually try the insurance company to see if they had a record of what they installed when they replaced the windshield a year ago.

I also put in a call to American Coach Parts to see if they had a number, but even though I called at 4:30 EDT, and they supposedly closed at 5pm, I just got voicemail. So I’ll try again Monday.

Before today I was kind of hoping we might be on our way toward the end of next week, but I figure that’s pretty much out window now. But we’ll see.

I spent some time yesterday and today talking with SimpleTire.com looking at the option of buying new tires for our rig online. So far it looks like I can buy them online and have them shipped here cheaper than I might be able to buy them here. But I won’t know until the tire guy finally gets around to sending me some prices. Like he’s promised for the last week or so.

One thing I was interested to learn is that I can select the tire’s datecodes when I order them. The sales guy I was talking to said since they get tires directly from the manufacturer, their tires are about as fresh as you can get. But when I order them, they can give me the datecode of each tire in the warehouse, and I can select the ones I want. Sounds neat.

Silence the doubters! Put your big idea online! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!

Jan wanted Taco Bell tonight so I tried their new online ordering app to order it and pay ahead of time. But since they make everything fresh, they still don’t start making it until you get there. But as I pulled in the the Taco Bell parking lot. the app beeped and and said, “We see you’re here. We’ll start preparing your order.”

Neat, but a little scary.


Thought for the Day:

“For months we have been making triumphant retreats before a demoralized enemy who is advancing in utter disorder.”