Daily Archives: April 1, 2017

WooChi . . .

Today was another nice, quiet, cool day with not much going on, though the excitement did pick up later in the afternoon.

I  had thought that I might get around to replacing the cartridge in our leaking Moen shower faucet, but life, i.e. doing nothing intervened.

A little before 2pm Jan and I headed out to have lunch at one of our two favorite Chinese places here in Apache Junction, #1 Eastern Buffet.

But as we had heard, #1 was now under a new name, and I assume, a new owner, since the place has under gone a major renovation.

Woochi 2

Now known as Woochi Super Buffet, it seems like even the food has been upgraded.

Their Hot & Sour Soup was really good, almost King Food good, and everything else seemed hot and fresh.

Woochi 1

In fact there were 4 or 5 young women roaming the food aisles, apparently calling in needed food on their cell phones which was then passed out through a window.

Our next stop was the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts to pick up some Tire Black to finish off my recent wheel cleaning, and also check to see if they had phosphoric acid, but they didn’t, so it was on to the Ace Hardware right down the street. And that’s when things got interesting.

Turning in to the parking lot, I followed a black Fiat Pop and parked right next to him. As I got out, a strong gust of wind grabbed the door from my grasp and  my door edge scraped along his right rear wheel well edge.

With no hesitation, the Fiat driver jumped out and started yelling at me, saying I damaged his car and he was calling the police. Which he did.

As we waited, I gave him my insurance card, which as it turned showed my National General Insurance had expired 13 days ago. It haven’t of course, I just hadn’t yet put the new card in the truck after printing it out. And now he started ranting about how I didn’t really have insurance and I was lying to him.

He was calling National General when the police officer, and after about 30 seconds, he told the officer that they said I didn’t have insurance.

So I now called Nat Gen for myself, and noted that it took me a little almost 3 minutes to work my way through the phone tree to talk to a person who could confirm that I had insurance in force. So at this point I handed the phone to the officer who after talking to the agent, glared at the guy who had lied to him. It was obvious that he hadn’t really talked to anyone since he didn’t have time to get through to Nat Gen.

While we were standing there, I looked carefully at the paint smear, about the size of a silver dollar, like this.

Fiat Scrap Before 2

Wetting my fingers I rubbed the smear, noting that there was no damage to the metal. And as I rubbed, the paint smear just disappeared, ending up looking like this.

Fiat Scrap After 2

And this was with only about 15 seconds of rubbing.

30 more seconds with a dab of rubbing compound and you couldn’t tell it had ever happened. When I showed it to the officer, he just grunted and again stared at the guy.

When I called Nat Gen around 8 this evening, no claim had been entered, and they said they would call me back if one was. Told them they shouldn’t pay any claim because there was on damage.

So we’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

“Let a smile be your umbrella, and you’ll end up with a face full of rain.” ― George Carlin