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Piece By Piece . . .

After lunch I got back on replacing my shower faucet now that I had a better cartridge puller. And pull it did.

Unfortunately when I finally got it to work, it pulled the inside guts and shaft out, leaving the outside of the cartridge stuck inside the valve body,  the part that was stuck to start with, still stuck. And no way  to grab hold to pull it out.

Shower Repair 1

Bu after a couple of hours, breaking it out tiny piece by tiny piece so I didn’t scratch the inside of the faucet valve, it finally all came loose and came out.

Shower Repair 2

So what I ended up with was this pile of parts. And luckily when I ran my finger around the inside of the valve I didn’t feel any scratches or grooves, so hopefully the way I had to get the cartridge out won’t cause any leaks with the new cartridge.

After I took a break for a while, I slathered the inside of the valve with silicone grease, and did the same for the cartridge itself. Then I lined it up correctly and slowly pushed it into the valve body until it was seated.

And finally I was able to get the retaining clip seated, a task that has been a problem in the past, but luckily not this time. So now it was time to do the leak test.

Since I still have the shore water turned off, I turned on the pump, and listened to it run for a few seconds as the system pressurized. And no leaks, so far.

Next was the important one, so I turned on the shower and watched. Turning it both to hot and cold, everything was leak-free. And after I buttoned everything up, and went outside to turn the shore water back on, I was done.

Time for a nap.

For dinner Jan heated up our leftover Sofia’s from yesterday, still delicious. Mexican is one of those foods, like Italian, that heats up just about as good as new.


Recently we’ve received a couple of fake Facebook Friend Requests. One from an already-friend, and the other from a stranger. And I’ve found it very easy to figure out who’s who.

First off , the listing tells you if the person requesting friendship is friends with any of  your other friends. If not, my suspicions are alerted. But due to the nature of our blog, we do get friend requests from strangers.

So my next check is to click on the person’s name and look at the Facebook page itself. And what I usually find is . . .  Nothing. A couple of photos stolen from the real page, and that’s about it.

Then I click “Delete Request”, and then “Mark As Spam.”

And requests from friends are treated the same way, except that I already know that these are fake to start with.

Stay Vigilant!

Thought for the Day:

Why is it that the people who want to go naked in public are never the people I want to see naked?


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