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Worth The Trip . . .

Since we were heading out about noon, I was up about 10am, just in time to shut down most of the rig’s electronics

The knock at the door was a power company guy here to replace our electric meter. When I ask whether it was bad in our favor. He said neither, but it was dying, so it have phoned (emailed) home so they could come and replace it.

I had already shut down the computer, the TV, and the Sat Receiver, so it only took him about 30 seconds for the changeout.

We headed out for Gila Bend about noon, with a quick stop for gas and breakfast sandwiches at Jack’s before we got out on US 60 and headed west and then south.

The 100 mile trip took us about two hours so we were pulling into the parking lot of Sofia’s Mexican Restaurant at 2pm.

Sofia's 2

We’ve been eating here at Sofia’s since our very first year, 2008, when we passed through on our way to Yuma and San Diego after leaving Nick’s Gypsy Rally in Casa Grande.

Jan got her usual Shrimp Burrito, the same thing she always has, and the reason we come here. But this time she also added an a la carte Chile Relleno.

Sofia's Shrimp Burrito

I had the 3 Enchilada Combo, Cheese, Chicken, and Beef, and an a la carte Carne Asada Taco.

Sofia's Enchilada Plate

Great food, great service, and big enough portions that we had plenty to take home. The perfect trio.

After a great meal, we headed over to Holt’s Shell and RV Park, a place we’ve stayed many times passing through. Jan was looking for a T-shirt she thought had bought here in the past, but no luck.

But we did find a good source of dinosaurs, snakes, and Gila Monsters.

Holt's Shell Dinosaurs

Holt's Shell Gila Monster

The dinosaurs go for about $3000 a piece, and the workmanship is amazing. Tackwelded togethter from sheet metal, the skin is textured and even shows the musculature of the body.

By now it was about 3:30 so we headed over to the other reason we came to Gila Bend, the local Elk’s Lodge so I could renew my membership. And then a few minutes later we were heading home, finally pulling in about 5:30.

Today a friend ask us where Jan got the Padded Bowl Holders that we talked about in the blog recently,

Escapade Bowl Holders

and wanted to know where we got them.

Jan bought them at the recent Escapade from Mac The Fire Guy’s wife, and you can contact him at mac@macthefireguy.com if you would like to purchase them.

Check’em out.

Thought for the Day:

“The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on.” ― Robert Bloch


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