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Try It And Let Me Know . . .

Never Mind. It’s Fixed Now.

Jan and I were out the door and on our way up to the Verizon store on Nellis Blvd about 9:30 to pick up my new Samsung Galaxy S8+.

The store didn’t open until 10am but I guess maybe I was expecting ‘new iPhone-day of release’ lines, and there were four other people in line, but just to pay their bills.

It took about an hour to get my new phone set up and configured, all my contacts moved over, and my phone number moved also, as well as Jan’s phone number changed over to my old Galaxy S5 which now becomes her phone. So now she can ditch her old LG Revere Flip Phone.

(note it wasn’t called the LG Dawes Flip Phone. Just another instance where Paul Revere got all the credit.)

I had to planned to order an Otterbox Defender case for it from Amazon since it was about $15 cheaper than Verizon’s list price, but when I told them that they gave me the Amazon price. I will order a wireless charging pad from Amazon when we get to Soledad Canyon after tomorrow.

Finishing up with Verizon a little after 11am, we drove back over to Blueberry Hill Restaurant again, this time for breakfast.

Besides coffee, Jan had eggs, hash browns, and bacon

Blueberry Hill Eggs & Bacon

while I got the Chicken Apple Compote Waffle with bacon.

Blueberry Hill Chicken Waffle

Good coffee and a delicious meal.

Leaving Blueberry Hill, we drove down Pecos Blvd to top off the gas in the truck at the Sam’s Club. With California’s recent $0.12 / gallon tax increase, unleaded is more than $0.30 / gallon higher than it is here in LV.

While we were getting gas we noticed all the new snow on the peaks to the west of us. Quite a difference.

Sam's Club Snow

What happened to Global Cooling/Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change?

Getting back to the park, I picked up an Amazon package from the ranger station. It’s really nice that the Thousand Trails here does not charge $2 to hand you your mail.

Back at the rig, a nice nap was in order before I went back outside and crawled under the rig to unhook the sewer hose and stow it and the water hose away. Less to do tomorrow morning before we leave for California.

Later I spent the evening downloading apps to my new phone and getting things set up like I want. So far I’m really happy with it. with my only regret that they’ve changed the charge/data connector from the standard micro USB connector to the newer USB-C connector. But besides an AC charger module and cable, they also include a micro USB to USB-C adapter so I can still plug it in all my other cables. At least until I lose the tiny little adapter.

Tomorrow we’ll make the 250 mile trip over to the Soledad Canyon TT park near Acton, CA, and about 15 miles south of Palmdale. We’ve never stayed here before, but it’s supposedly nice and we’re looking forward to it. We’re booked there for a week before we head north for a two week stay at the Bend/Sunriver TT, one of our favorite parks.

I mentioned yesterday about a problem calling Good Sam’s Tech Help Line and getting a sex talk line where girls could talk to hot guys.

After confirming that there really was a problem, I put in a call to a Verizon Engineering number that I got from a friend who works for Verizon. And after talking to them this afternoon, I got a call back this evening.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Turns out that in some parts of the country, and only with Verizon customers, the last two digits of the number were being reversed. So 4457 became 4475, and vice versa.

In addition, it would make a difference whether or not you dialed the number as 1-800 or as 800 by itself.

But it’s fixed now. So, Never Mind.

Thought for the Day:

“She didn’t sound overjoyed. She didn’t sound even slightly joyed.”


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