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The Magic Elixir . . .

Due to not having our front Fantastic Vent fan working this morning we finally had to turn on the front AC to keep things cool in the coach.

We closed the door to the bathroom and left the back of the coach with the windows open and the fan running.

About 1pm I got the ladder our of the back of the truck and got ready to climb up on the roof. to take a look at my vent fan problem. Whenever I’m on the roof Jan sits outside with her phone to keep an eye on me. When I asked if she’s going to try and catch me if I fall off, she says no, but she will call the EMT’s on her phone.

What a sweetheart!

Climbing up the ladder, I had a cloth bag with my voltmeter, screwdrivers, pliers, and a can of magic elixir with me. First off I had to get the cover off by removing the four nuts and washers,

Fantastic Vent Fan Cover

With the cover off I could finally get to my first suspect that might be causing the problem, the plunger switch that keeps the fan from starting until the lid is open. Since the fan motor quit  while it was running, I wasn’t expecting this to be the problem. The switch normally sticks when the lid is closed and then the fan won’t start when the lid opens.

But one of the rules of troubleshooting is to always start checking the easiest things first, and that’s the switch. I had left the fan turned on low before I came up on the roof so I reached under the lid and pressed down on the plunger.

Fantastic Vent Fan Plunger

It was too bright on the roof for me to take photos so I got this one from the Net.

It took only a few pushes on the plunger before the fan started running. So strangely enough, it was the switch. Glad I checked it first. So now I got out my spray can of magic elixir, Strike Hold and sprayed several squirts into the plunger switch, pushing it down a few times to work it in.


My friend Nick Russell and I discovered Strike Hold at an FMCA rally in Goshen, IN in 2014 and we’ve both used ever since. I’ve used it to resurrect Kindles, phones, and a number of other devices. In fact Nick just used it a couple of days ago to revive the depth/fish finder on his boat.

The first time I bought Strike Hold I got the pump spray bottle, but I found that it seemed to evaporate pretty quickly, so the next time I got the spray can, which has been great.

Nick Did Good

About 4pm Jan and I headed out to try a Chinese place down in Paradise Valley that Nick had recommended. Talking to him on the phone yesterday, I mentioned that the good Chinese buffet next door to the Buffalo Wild Wings where we ate yesterday was out of business. So that’s when Nick told us about Golden Flower Chinese Restaurant. And getting there we found a bright and cheery place located at one corner of a strip mall, staffed by very friendly people.

We started off with our usual Hot & Soup, something that we use to grade every new Chinese place. And Golden Flower got a ‘A’.

Golden Flower Hot & Sour

Jan got an order of Sesame Chicken,

Golden Flower Sesame Chicken

while I got the Spicy Kung Pao Chicken.

Golden Flower Kung Pao Chicken

We also got an plate of their House Special Fried Rice, with Chicken, Beef, Shrimp, and Pork.

Golden Flower Special Fried Rice

Jan said the Fried Rice was the best she’s ever had, and the Sesame Chicken was fantastic. My Kung Pao was great, but not very spicy to me, but as Nick said, that’s just me.

All we can say is, Nick was right! It was all delicious, probably in the top 3 or 4 of our favorite Chinese places in the country. We will definitely go back before we leave.

Well recommended!

Coming home we stopped at the nearby Sam’s Club to drop off a prescription and get gas. At $2.46/gal it was the cheapest place around, with most other places at $2.60 to $2.80.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Then we made a PO stop to finally get my Arizona CCW application in the mail. They say 6 to 8 weeks, but some people say they got theirs quicker.

Here’s Hoping.

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