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Snakebit . . .

We were hitched up and on our way by about 8:15 heading for Las Vegas 320 miles away. As Jan says, maybe we’re just snakebit.

But as in the past, one of the things about getting out of Phoenix is . . . getting out of Phoenix. The metro area just goes on and one. Once we got off Loop 101 at Sun City about 9:30, and on to US60 heading northwest, it became bumper to bumper. And by bumper to bumper, I mean this.

Sun City Wreck 1

I was in the far left lane (of 3) when signs started saying, “Right Two Lanes Closed Ahead.” Checking my side mirror and rear view camera, I saw I had clear lanes to my left and started moving over, pausing a little in the middle lane before moving into the left-through lane. There was a left turn lane just to the my left, with several cars passing me to queue up at the light.

Just as I was turning into the left lane, a maroon truck starts to pass me on the left and then just cuts to the right into my lane, or almost into my lane. Since I was coming up on a red light I was only doing about 10mph so it was just a ‘crunch’. In fact Jan was sure we had hit together.

Sun City Wreck 2

But on a positive note, isn’t the rig nice and shiny from my wax job?

Sun City Wreck 5

We had to move our vehicles before the Highway Patrol got there, but I got a bunch of photos of the scene. And when the Highway Patrol came over to talk to me and I told him what had happened and told him I had photos, he asked to see them.

As I clicked through photos, the officer said, “Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Uh-huh, Uh-huh,” When I said if she had just gone a little further she could pulled in front of me with no problem, he said, “Yeah.”

What was kind of funny is that when the lady got out of her truck, I lowered my window to be sure she was OK, and before I could say a word, she started yelling at me. My first thought was that maybe she was kin to the guy in the Ace Hardware parking lot a week ago.

But unlike the Ace Hardware guy who sulked the whole time, within about 10 minutes the lady was very friendly and asking questions about RV’ing. Weird.

After we were there about 40 minutes the officer gave us our ID and stuff back and send us on our way with each others insurance info. Neither of us got a ticket and no blame was assessed, I think due to the fact that I didn’t have any real damage and she had very little.

Sun City Wreck 3

I’m just gonna need a lot for spit to rub it out.

Sun City Wreck 4

But the trip stayed snakebit, with the rough roads causing two of our bin doors to pop open. Then somewhere we started hearing a banging noise that sounded like it was coming from underneath the rig about six feet back from the door.

I stopped twice to get out and look under the rig but saw nothing. I even checked all the awnings, again finding nothing.

Heading north out of Kingman, a truck pulled along side and the passenger yelled out that the TV antenna on the roof was flapping up and down. He pulled on past me and before I could find someplace to pull over, I saw in the rearview mirror something small and white fly off and land in the roadway. Luckily no one was behind me.

A little thinking told me it was this.

Winegard Digital ClipOn Antenna

A Winegard Wingman Digital UHF Booster that clips to your standard crankup TV antenna and boosts the signal on the new digital UHF channels. Since it just clips on, I figured at some point it had ‘unclipped’ and started banging around until it came loose.

But strangely it never sounded like it was coming from the roof. And as soon as I saw the piece fly off, we never heard the sound again.

We got into the Vegas Thousand Trails about 3:30 and got parked and set up. And which point Jan gave a big sigh of relief.

She had told me before we left Apache Junction that she was really nervous about this trip, since we’d had two big breakdowns in this area over the years. But I reminded her that both of them had been coming BACK from Vegas to Flagstaff, and not going TO Vegas. Plus the fact that we were going nowhere near the part of I-40 where we had our breakdowns. So we were perfectly safe, right?

The first one was in 2008 when our radiator fan decided to shed its blades and puncture the radiator too.

Broken Radiator Fan

And the second of course, was our big BlowOut in May of 2015.

BlowOut Tire

So this was going to be a smooth trip, right?

I must say though that Jan was much nicer with her ‘I told you so” then I expected, and used a lot less naughty words, too.

There had been some talk of high winds along the way, but except for about 10 miles on either side of Kingman, and then as we started the climb up and over the Colorado River and the Dam area, it wasn’t bad at all.

At least something went right.

Thought for the Day:

“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” – Thomas Sowell


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