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The Shimmy Shake . . .

Jan and I have both been kind of under the weather for the last few days, Jan more so than me.

Not serious, but more like just ‘blah’. Plus I’ve one of those ‘tickle’ coughs for the last week or so. I never cough anything up, and I’m not congested or stopped up. Nor is my nose running. And strangely, even the cough seems kind of psychosomatic.

I’ll be doing something and suddenly think,”I haven’t coughed in awhile”, and within a few seconds, I’ve got to cough. I took an allergy pill a couple of times, but it seeming had no effect.

And it’s not helping that Las Vegas has even less humidity than Tucson or Apache Junction, and because I tend to sleep with my mouth open, I wake up several times a night with my mouth so dry it cracks when I try close it. So I have to keep a bottle of water by the bed.

Since we didn’t go out anywhere today, my one job was to shimmy under the rig to hook up the sewer connection. The reason?

This is a really strange site.

Las Vegas TT Site 214

Note how we’re parked, at a different angle than the RV to our left. That’s because the site is not quite long enough for us. But it was all they had left when we got here. In addition, the power/water pedestal for our site and the one to our left is directly behind us. But if we parked that way the site would be too short for us to fit without sticking out in the street a bit.

Plus we were told to park our truck right across from our site.

Las Vegas TT Site 214 Parking

Well I see a problem with that.

So my solution was to park to the right of the pedestal. But if I went right just enough to miss the pedestal, my wheels would be sitting ON the sewer connection. Not very helpful.

So I moved even further right which meant the connection was between the rear wheels. Hence, the ‘shimmy’ thing.

Las Vegas TT Site 214 Sewer 1

Las Vegas TT Site 214 Sewer 2

The TV show ‘Elementary’ is one of Jan and my favorite science-fiction shows. It’s about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in modern New York City. But this time Dr. Watson is a woman, Joan, not John, as in the Doyle books.

Well, last night we got to watch the pilot episode, one we’d never seen before, and it was interesting to what actors didn’t make the cut when it finally went to series.

In another of our favorite shows, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, the original pilot was never aired, and then the show was completely revamped. You can check out some of it here.


Sheldon and Leonard are played by the same actors, but Penny was a completely different actress. And Sheldon’s character was nothing like what it is now.

A good thing they revamped it.

Oh, you don’t think ‘Elementary’ is a science-fiction show? Then explain how you’ve got a British ‘Consulting Detective’ working with the police who has a companion named Dr. Watson. In additional, he plays the violin, and has been on drugs. All this, and not once in any episode in 5 years, has anyone ever mentioned how this is exactly like the Sherlock Holmes books.

This can only mean that the TV show takes place in an alternate universe, one where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never wrote the Sherlock Holmes books.

And if an alternate universe doesn’t make a science-fiction show, I don’t know what does.


Our friend, Nick Russells latest book, the second one in his new John Lee Quarles series, The Gecko In The Corner, is now live and online.

Gecko Cover

Check It Out!

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