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Finally Had To Do It . . .

I mentioned before that due to the mild weather and the almost cold nights (high 40’s/ low 50’s) we haven’t needed to use our rig AC’s, which has been great since with only 30 amps, we can only use one at a time.

What we would do was set the fans to pull cold air into the coach all night so it was in the low 60’s. Then as the day warmed up to the high 70’s/low 80’s the coach stayed comfortable all day.

But last night the temp just barely made it into the 60’s, so inside the coach it stayed in the 70’s.. Which meant it warmed up pretty fast inside..

So around noon I finally had to do it. I deployed my AC AC Bypass. Several years ago I rewired one of the AC units at the circuit breaker panel under the bed, by adding a heavy-duty plug and socket inline with the circuit.

In regular use the plug is plugged into the socket and everything works just like normal. But when we’re stuck on 30amps and it gets too warm I can unplug from the socket and plug into a heavy-duty extension cord that runs out to the 110 VAC outlet on the pedestal.

And Voilà, I can run both AC’s at once.

About 3pm Jan and I headed down to Henderson to have an early dinner at our favorite local Mexican place, Lindo Michoacán.

Lindo Michochan 1a

And it’s not just us that thinks it’s great. It’s been selected as the Best Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review Journal Poll for 11 years and rated “Excellent” by Zagat.

First up was their Chips and Dips, with not only a really good hot salsa, but a very tasty warm bean dip.

Lindo Chips and Dips

Then it was on to their really delicious Fideo Soup.

Lindo Fideo Soup

One thing is that between the Chips, Dips, and Soup, by the time your entrée gets here you’re already kind of full.

Jan got the Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Avocado,

Lindo Grilled Shrimp Tacos

while I got a Coca Cola dish. Lindo is known for its famous Coca Cola sauce, but in the past they usually have it with Carnitas. But this time it’s on a 24oz Bone-In Ribeye, and just fantastic.

Lindo Steak a la Coca Cola

And we both had plenty of leftovers.

Again, one of our absolute favorite places, and it never disappoints.

Besides the great food, we sat at a window table and had a nice, though hazy, view of the Vegas skyline.

Lindo View2

Leaving Lindo, our next stop was the Sam’s Club where yesterday we dropped off prescriptions, and then it was on to the Wal-Mart next door for a few things before we finally got home around 6:30.

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A very nice day.

Thought for the Day:

“To kill a chicken is to scare the monkeys” – Sun Tzu


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