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Amazon Lied . . .

Sandy at the Colorado River TT called this morning to let me know that our upcoming reservation there, starting September 20th, had been cancelled because the park will not be open again until sometime in October, if then.

All this of course, due to the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. They even lost some more sites due to erosion along the river bank.

When we are due to leave here on the 20th, we will have been here for 34 days, a new record for us. So I don’t think they’re going to let us stay any longer. So what are our options?

We could make the 580 mile round-trip over to the Medina Lake TT the other side of San Antonio, and that would cost us about $180 in diesel, plus $88 in park fees, so about $270.

Next up would be the Lake Tawakoni TT up closer to Dallas, but it’s only about 40 miles closer, so not a lot of difference.

Or we could go to a Passport America park just 20 miles from here and stay  the 11 days for $160.

Guess which one we’re doing?

Our Mr. Coffee has been hissing and bubbling so much recently that I decided it was time to run the clean cycle on it to get the calcium out.

And on this model it’s really easy. You just pour 4 cups (real cups, not ‘coffee’ cups) of vinegar into the reservoir, put an empty coffee filter in the holder, put the pot on the warmer, and then press the Clean Cycle button.

The cycle takes about an hour and then it shuts off. The instructions say to do it once more, but I did it three times more. This is the calcium and sediment collected in the filter. Yuck!

Coffee Filter Debris

Then you run regular water through a brew cycle for a couple of times. Again, I did it a total of four times.

Don’t want coffee smelling like vinegar.

I finally figured out why my normal hour and ten minute trip from Clear Lake back to Conroe took two hours and fifteen minutes yesterday, and I said it looked like there was just twice as much traffic on the road.

That’s because there was. Both the Sam Houston Tollway and the Grand Parkway are still closed in spots on the west side of town. So all the traffic coming from the north and heading west on I-10 has to come down I-45 and then get on 10 right of f the downtown. Hopefully they’ll have this cleared up soon.

Amazon lied.

They said the item I ordered Tuesday with 2 Day Prime was not going to be delivered until next Thursday, the 14th, due to Harvey. However it showed up today, right on schedule for the 2 Day delivery.

Nice work, Amazon.

Down at my client’s office I’ve found that a lot of the intermittent problems are caused by RJ-45 Ethernet connectors with the locking clips broken off. This means the connector will not lock in the socket and can pull back out. Here’s what I mean.

Broken RJ-45

Now I have crimpers and could replace the connectors, but some of them are in tight places and would be hard to get to.

So that’s why I ordered these from Amazon.

RJ-45 Repair Clips

RJ-45 Repair Clips

They slip over the broken connector and provide a firm locking connection. Easy Peezy.

As it stands right now I will detour over to Katy to pick up Jan at Brandi’s before we head home to Conroe.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Maybe. Apparently, plans are still up in the air.

As usual.

Thought for the Day:

“Persons without a sense of humor always write long letters; and I have noticed, too, that all madmen write letters of more than four pages.” – Herbert Beerbohm Tree 


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