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It Was A ‘1’ . . .

Today was moving day for us, for the first time in 34 days, a new record for us at a Thousand Trails park.


But since we only had a 26 mile trip, we took our time. Though Jan was up at her usual 7am or so, I managed to sleep in until about 10.

About 10:45 we drove into Conroe to have breakfast at the local Cracker Barrel, something that’s become kind of a tradition for us. And after a nice leisurely meal, we were back at the rig and on our way about 1:15 with Jan following me in the truck. Didn’t seem worthwhile to hook up for this short a distance.

We pulled into the Hillcrest RV Park in beautiful downtown Punkin about 2pm and found the small office locked, but this note on the door.

Hillcrest RV Park It's a One

At this point the discussion started. Is that site 2J, or site 27, or even site 25?

I quickly figured out that they didn’t have any ‘J’ sites, and this was parked in Site 27.

Hillcrest RV Park Site 27

So what about site 25?

Well, 25 was vacant, but it was only 30 amp and we had asked for 50amp. But we decided to park there temporarily until the owner’s came back from shopping. I tried to go ahead and at least hook up to the 30 amp so we could shut the generator off, the main breaker to the pedestal blew. The local 30 amp breaker was just fine, thought.

So it was back to the generator to keep cool. When no one had showed up after an hour or so, and after talking to Nick, I started walking around the park looking for 50 amp sites.

After checking out about about 6 sites toward the back, I headed back up front and found the elusive prize, a 50 amp site.

It was a “1”, not a ‘J’, and not a ‘5’, and not a ‘7’.

It was a ‘1’.

I mean, does that look like a ‘1’ to you.

Hillcrest RV Park It's a One

So here we are, happily ensconced in site #21.

Hillcrest RV Park Site 21

When I was down in Clear Lake yesterday, I picked up my new HP 4650 printer that had come in on Monday, but I didn’t set it up until this evening.

Although it’s noticeably bigger it still fits in place of my old one.

New Printer Comparison

And it was really easy to set up too.

One thing kind of neat is the swing arm that comes out to catch the paper as it is printing.

New Printer Swing Arm

Unlike most printers where you have to move it out yourself, this printer swings it out automatically when you start to print. Neat!

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Tomorrow it’s back down to Clear Lake for the last time this week.


Thought for the Day:  

It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place. – H. L. Mencken


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