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Thanks To Everyone . . .

First off Jan and I want to thank everyone for all the congratulations and best wishes. We really appreciate the many kind thoughts.

Now to answer some questions:

First off, just to clarify, even though last night’s blog was dated September 27th, our anniversary is today, the 28th. That way everyone would see it on our anniversary.

Next, we have no pictures of our wedding. When I say it was a small wedding, I mean really small. There was the minister, the minster’s wife as the witness, and the organist. Now Jan thinks there was another couple there, our next door neighbors, but I don’t remember that.

But whatever, there was no one to take pictures. Remember this was 1967 when no one was carrying a cell phone camera. In that time period, it would probably been a Kodak Instamatic anyway. But we didn’t even own one of those.

Someone commented that she had seen other couples who were celebrating their 50th, and they “all looked so stiff, angry, sad, old and miserable.”

And  we didn’t look that way.

This evening at the Longhorn Steakhouse when our server seemed surprised that we had been married for 50 years, I told her that we were married in Alabama and that they marry young there. And that I was 15 and Jan was 14 when we got hitched.

I let her stand there with her mouth open for about 10 seconds before I told here that actually I was 18 and Jan was 19 at the time.

She’s 345 days older than me. I was born on October 5th and she was born on October 25th, but a year earlier. So we’re now coming up on that sweet spot where every year for 20 days we’re the same age.

Another question was whether or not Jan and my mother ever got along. The answer is a resounding NO!

Over the 40 years (my mother died in 2007) the best they were ever able to do is probably best described as ‘respectful disdain”, light on the ‘respectful’ and heavy on the ‘disdain’

That;’s why I said in yesterday’s blog that Jan was determined that the marriage would last at least 5 years, because my mother said it would never last. And I think my mother believed that until the day she died.

Jan and I headed out for the Longhorn Steakhouse down in The Woodlands about 3:45. About 5 miles before we got there it started raining a little, and then a lot. But by the time we pulled into the parking lot, it had slacked off to just about nothing, Even so I tried to let Jan out at the door, but she said it wasn’t raining so she was OK.

Boy, did she regret that.

I  parked about 50 feet away, and just as we got out of the truck, the bottom dropped out, like someone had just dumped a water bucket on us. And by time we traversed the 50 feet to the front door, we were soaked. But our server quickly brought us towels to dry off with.

We each started off with a Black and Blue Margarita, made with Blackberry Tequila, Blueberry Liqueur, and Triple Sec, along with fresh Blackberries and Blueberries.

Longhorn Steaks Jan Black and Blue

Very tasty and it really warmed us up.

After our salads, Jan got the 8oz. Flo’s Filet, and a Baked Potato.

Longhorn Steak Jan Flo's Filet

She said it was so tender she could have cut it with her fork.

I bumped up my selection from the 12oz Ribeye to the 18oz Bone-in Outlaw Ribeye, as well as my favorite Grilled Mexican Corn.

Longhorn Steak Outlaw Ribeye

Our steaks were just delicious. In fact we’ve never gotten a bad steak from either Longhorn or Saltgrass. They’re definitely both a cut above Texas Roadhouse where the quality can vary a lot.

Even though both of us had leftover steak, we decided to split a dessert, the Apple Goldrush, with Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and topped with Bulleit Bourbon Caramel Sauce.

Longhorn Steak Apple Dessert

Also really good, and so big we had leftover dessert too.

Longhorn Steak Jan and I

Tomorrow we getting together again with Debi and Ed Hurlburt to check out the All You Can Eat Catfish at the Paradise Grill over in Coldspring. Really looking forward to it.

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Wrapping up, several people want to know where I got Jan’s thermal Cat Mug.

Cat Mug 2

You can get it here.


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