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The Critics Are Wrong!

When my WiFi adapters came in this past Monday at my client’s, also in the Amazon box was another Wireless 4 Channel Remote Control Unit like the ones that I not use to control our rig’s slide and rear AC’s.

My next project was to remote our outside ‘porch lights’ so I can turn them on from the truck when we come home at night.

Remote Control for Slide and AC 2

Of course I only need to use one of the four relays for this, but when I checked the price on Amazon the single relay models were only a couple of bucks cheaper.

Using my 12v power supply I hooked it up using alligator clip leads and it worked perfectly. But when I tried to wire it into the 12v in the pedestal by the door I found that the 12v wasn’t consistent. It measured 12vdc on the meter but when I put the load of the module on it, the voltage dropped to about 7v. And although the unit lights up, that voltage is not enough to operate it. So I’ll have find another 12 voltage source in the pedestal.

The Critics Are Wrong!

The Orville, is a new science-fiction series from Seth MacFarlane, who both created the show and stars in it.

MacFarlane, better known for his other TV shows, the cartoon’s Family Guy and American Dad, stars as Captain Ed Mercer, new captain of the exploratory ship, The Orville.

I guess that’s a better name than The Wilbur, but not by much.

The Union (think Star Trek’s Federation) is short on XO’s (Executive Officers – think Commander Riker on Next Gen) and so Mercer is force to accept his ex-wife who he caught cheating on him with a blue alien, who Mercer calls Papa Smurf.


The back and forth bickering between the two, even while under attack, is a refreshing change from the stiff attitudes of most similar shows.

Set in 2418, he crew is the usual ragtag combo of aliens, both organic and mechanical, including a gelatinous blog voiced by Norm MacDonald. In addition, the special effects are great, the equal to anything I’ve seen recently.

The critics are all over the map about the show. It’s too much like Star Trek or Galaxy Quest, or not enough like them, but they pretty much uniformly hate it.

Which right off the bat told me I was probably going to like it. And I did.

Sure, there were a few rough spots, pretty much standard in any new show, but I’m sure it will all gel down the road.

Well Recommended!

Tomorrow it’s back on the road down to Clear Lake for the day, and then coming home in the afternoon, I’ll detour over to Katy to get my wife back, and then it’s home, probably with dinner along the way.

Hopefully, I’ll get to keep her for a while this time.

Thought for the Day:

It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless of course you are an exceptionally good liar.” – Jerome K. Jerome 


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