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Don’t You Just Hate It When . . .

That Happens!

I found another, longer article about the Magic, or Dialog Oven with more information about the actual cooking process. Interesting.

So now, how about a microwave-sized unit that not only cooks your food, but will also cool it, or even freeze it.

MW Blast Freezer

Called the Frigondas, it was developed in Spain, and unlike the Dialog Oven, it should only cost about $1000, rather than $10,000, when it finally comes to the US.

It will flash-freeze fruits and vegetables in just a few minutes, or chill your beer to a perfect 37° in just six minutes. And then make you popcorn, all ready for the big game.

BTW it’s probably very apropos that the very first food cooked in a microwave during development was popcorn. The second thing was an egg . . .  which promptly exploded all over the inside of the oven.

Been there, done that.

Several nights this last week Jan has fixed us chicken salads. Well, not chicken salad, but salads with chicken on it.

Jan's Chicken Salad

Jan's Chicken Salad 2

Now normally we get a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store, and Jan puts shredded pieces on our salads. But with the storm, none were available this week, so she used canned chicken from the pantry.

Turned out to be really, really good, especially with the creamy poppy seed dressing.

Tomorrow morning I’ll drop Jan off at Brandi’s in Katy, and then head down to the Clear Lake area to spend the day at my client. Then I’ll come back to the rig while Jan spends the week Landon-sitting since his school doesn’t start back until next Monday, the 11th.

We had DVR’ed the TV series Fargo this past spring, so tonight we were going to start watching it. That was when I discovered that that we had somehow missed two episodes, the third one and the ninth one.

Don’t know why, or what happened. The DVR just didn’t record them. Luckily we should be able to stream them both when the time comes.

Now we’ve also been DVR’ing The Guest Book, on TBS, and it looks like that we missed an episode of that one too – Story Five. But that one we knew about because we missed it when the coach was being repaired.

Haven’t looked yet, but we’ll probably be able to stream that one also. I hope.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

Thought for the Day:

Civilians in the US have over 70 times the firearms as the US military and police forces combined. 


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