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Never Forgive! Never Forget!

Originally I had planned to go down to my Clear Lake’s client’s today, but changed my mind when my  Amazon orders weren’t shown as out for delivery. So I decided to wait until tomorrow.

But then about 11am in came the text messages saying that my orders were out for delivery, so about 15 minutes later I was on the road south, getting to the office about 1pm.

And of course, my orders didn’t actually show up until about 3, but I got some other stuff done in the meantime.

I finally found the location of the InDesign catalog files so I could make product and price changes and then generate a new PDF file to send to customers. Boy, the ex-guy hid things sure hid things in squirrely places.

When the WiFi adapters finally showed up, I installed the first one on the Shipping computer in the back office.and it went really quickly. And in a first, they not only include a mini-CD for the drivers, but a 65 MB flash drive as well.

WiFi Driver Accessories

Which was a good thing since this computer doesn’t have a DVD player for some reason. Another weird choice from the ex-guy.

I plugged in the drive, selected Auto-Install and off it went. And a minute or so later, the computer rebooted,  I plugged in the USB WiFi adapter and we were on the air. Easy Peezy.

But the second one didn’t go quite so well. The first machine was Win10, but this one was a Win7 version. But the setup software, which is supposed to know what version it’s running on, again installed the Win10 drivers.

Since I was running out of time (I need to be on the road back to Conroe by 4, or the traffic is even more of a nightmare than usual), I re-ran the setup.exe and manually installed the Win7 drivers, plugged in the adapter . . .  and it didn’t work.

And I was out of time. When I come back Wednesday, I’ll delete all the drivers, including in the registry and try again. But just to be on the safe side, before I do anything, I’ll take the working adapter from the other computer and plug it into this one just to be sure it’s not the adapter itself.

Finally, if I needed a lawyer, I’d certainly want a Dick.

Hire A Dick

Thought for the Day:

World Trade Center


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