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Sunday/Monday Redux . . .

After the long day yesterday and then doing the blog last night/this morning, I slept in until almost noon.

About 1:30 I went down to the Ranger Station to check out of the park and then right back in. As I recounted before, the TT system would not let me extend our stay here, adding 3 days for a total of 14 days, a regular stay.

And even the main office couldn’t fix it. So the solution was to just check me out and then right back in again for another 3 days. I suspect that the the problem has something to do the fact that between Hurricane Harvey and the Colorado River TT not reopening until something in October, we will have been here 34 straight days by the time we leave here on Wednesday.

Then leaving the office I made a short trip over to Kroger’s for a few things before heading back home.

A little later in the afternoon our long-time friend’s Chis and Charles Yust showed up for a stay here at the park. Then about 6pm we all headed back down to El Bosque Mexican Restaurant.

Chris said she’s been jonsing for good Mexican since they  just got back from a months-long trip to Alaska, and then a quick dash down to Fort Myers, FL to rescue their Class A right ahead of Irma.

Chris and Charles

And as usual, El Bosque came through with a delicious meal for all four of us.

Good food and great company!

One of our blog commenters recently ask why my photo never shows up on our blog. Well, beyond the obvious, not wanting to scare off our readers, I’m usually the one taking the photos.

So be careful what you wish for. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you’re smart  you’ll cover the left side of the screen and check out the beautiful blonde on the right.

Greg and Jan at El Bosque

Now on to today, Monday:

Our friend Chris Yust came over this morning to bring Jan a gift of 4 pair of Alaska/Moose socks that she got on her and Charles’ recent trip up to the Land of the Northern Lights. And more great conversation.

I was able to finish up my porch light remote control setup. It’s now all wired up and working, but I still need to put it all back together inside the pedestal at the entry way. But checking it out, I did notice that the rear porch light is not working, neither with remote nor the manual switch. So I’ll have to get up on the ladder and check out the light itself.

As usual I have two more projects in the pipeline. First up is to rewire the toad light connection between the RV and our truck. The 4 pin connector has started to come apart and I’ve now got it patched with Gorilla Tape.

Actually I have two connectors for the toad, a 4 pin one for the lights and another, smaller one for the charge wire to keep the toad battery charged while we’re on the road. But looking for a replacement 4 pin connector at Wal-Mart, I found this one, a similar, but 5 pin one.

5 Pin Light Connector

This will allow me to eliminate the extra connector. Nice.

Next up is to restring 3 of our rig’s Day/Night shades, using this kit from Amazon.

Shade Repair Kit

Shade Repair Kit

I did repair them about 5 years ago by just restringing them. But this kit will allow me to replace the cord bushing, springs, and cord retainers if I need to.

Both of these projects will probably get done after we move over to the Hillcrest RV Park in Punkin, TX this coming Wednesday. We’ll be for 11 days before coming back to the Lake Conroe TT on October 1st.

We had a lot of rain today, actually heavy rain with a lot of thunder and lightning, our first since all the Harvey-related stuff, and it did cool things off a little. It was a pleasant change with the sound of the rain on the rig roof.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll be back down in Clear Lake doing more client stuff. Then coming back  home tomorrow I’ll be meeting Jan, Chris, and Charles down at the Rudy’s BBQ in the Spring area.

Really looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day:

Consider the upcoming 256 GB memory iPhone X:

Implemented in vacuum tubes in 1957, the transistors alone would have:

1. Cost 150 trillion of today’s dollars: one and a half times today’s global annual product.

2. Filled a hundred-story square building 300 meters high, and 3 kilometers long and wide.

3. Drawn 150 terawatts of power—30 times the world’s current generating capacity.

And now can hold it in your hand.


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