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Zen and Rudy’s . . .

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I slept in a little this morning, not feeling all that great, but I was on the road for Cleqr Lake by 10am, getting there a little after noon.

But although I stayed busy, I didn’t really visibly accomplish much. I spent part of the morning trying to change the owner’s wife’s laptop version of Microsoft Word from Spanish back to English.

Now how it got changed over to Spanish nobody knows, or will admint, but apparently it’s been that way for a while. And it’s still that way now. I tried repeatedly to reset it to English, but it wouldn’t stick. It would just change back. So after about an hour fooling with it, I just deleted Office and  downloaded and installed latest version, 5.4.1, of LibreOffice, an really good MS Office clone.

Next I was trying to update some prices on the Tattoo website when I discovered that the admin password in Zen Cart had expired, which they do every 90 days. I’ve never accessed this site before, so I guess the ex-guy hadn’t done it for a while either.

So I clicked the Forgot Password? button, entered my email address, and about 30 seconds later I had a new temporary password. Easy Pezy, Right?


The new password didn’t work, Nor did the second or third one. And going to the Zen Cart website wasn’t much help either. So I submitted a help request and now I’ll just have to wait and see.

Heading back north a little after 4pm, I met Jan, and Chris and Charles Yust at the Rudy’s BBQ on I-45 north about 5:30 and we all got our BBQ fix.

Jan had the Chopped Baker,

Rudy's Stuffed Baker

while I got a Brisket Sandwich and a Jalapeno Sausage Link.

Rudy's Sandwich and Link

And of course, a quart of their fantastic creamed corn. Even Jan loves it, and she doesn’t really like corn. That’s how good it is.

Tomorrow we’ll move over to the Hillcrest RV Park in Punkin, TX, about 20 miles away, on the road to Livingston.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Since it’s so close, we probably won’t head out until about 1pm, so that’ll give us plenty of time to have brunch at the nearby Cracker Barrel about 11. And as it stands now we’re not even going to hook up the toad, but Jan will just follow along behind.

Thought for the Day:

Scientists say we’re due for the next ice age. So what if ‘global warming’ is the only thing holding it off?


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