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Leave Well Enough Alone . . .

Been wanting to open carry your foil or épée on the way home from fencing practice?

Or think you’d feel safer bar-hopping on Saturday night carrying your Texas Toothpick on your belt?

Bowie Knife

A Texas Toothpick. Also known as a Bowie Knife.

Well, as of today, September 1st, It’s now legal here in Texas to carry knives longer than 5.5 inches, the previously-legal length.

Don’t mess with Texas.

About 12:30 I drove out to the Ranger Station to re-up until next Wednesday, the 6th . . . when we’re supposed to be back here from Colorado River.

Yes, we’re actually supposed to be there, but they got flooded out and probably won’t be open until the middle of September. So we just stayed here, and since the park offices were all closed, there was no one to talk to. But we heard that corporate said it was OK, so we went with that.

So now we’re ‘legal’ here until the 6th, when we’ll check right back in here for another two weeks.

If we don’t go gate guarding.

With that straighten out I drove over into Willis to pick up a few things at Kroger’s. It was interesting to see that although their gas station was pretty busy, with two or three cars lined up at every pump, the price was still $1.99

The store was better stocked than our last  visit, but there were still some odd shortages. For instance, they were completely out of any type of Meow Mix cat foods (Karma’s favorite brand) both wet and dry. And they were fully stocked with Coffeemate Coffee Creamers, but were completely out of any International Delight flavors.

Leaving, I decided to take the back way out, which took me past the Whataburger . . . and found it now open. In fact they had just opened for the first time at 10:30 this morning, and were only serving a limited menu, drive through only  –

Burgers, Fries, and Drinks.

Well, what else do you need?

So I got a couple of #6’s to bring home for lunch. Nice!

Last June, our Sharp microwave malfunctioned and would not let the door open. So when I finally got it open I found that one of the interlocking door latches had broken, so I went online and ordered a new one. 

Here’s that blog.

So for $6.80 I was able to fix it. For a while at least.

A few months later it started acting up again, but with a different problem. When you started it up, the timer would count down, but sometimes the light would go off, and when that happened it would stop heating, but keep counting.

But if we pushed in on the control panel, the light would come back on and it would start heating again. It seemed to be heat-related somehow. It might work for the first 5 minutes cooking something. But if we then tried to cook something else, it would act up.

So yesterday I decided to take it all apart again and see what I could find. I used some silicone lube on the latch moving parts, and exercised the several microswitches.

And when I put it back together, it worked. But now the interior light, which should be on only when the door is open or you’re heating something, now stays on all the time. But it now cooks with no problem.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

So I guess I could take it all apart again, but then something else might go wrong, so, since it’s only a light bulb staying on, I think I’ll leave well enough alone this time.

Thought for the Day:

There are two kinds of people: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data. 


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