Stompin’ Grounds . . .

When I woke up this morning, Jan had flown the coop. But it was only down to Janice and Dave Evan’s nearby coop. They had come down from Conroe yesterday and are parked just a few spaces down from us.

Jan wanted to pick Janice’s brain about the Instant Pot, and also get some cooking tips and recipes.

After Jan found her way back home, we  headed out about 12:30 for the afternoon, with our first stop at Stomp’s Burger Joint over on 146 in Kemah. We’ve been eating here since 2011, and in fact it’s where we first met Janice and Dave Evans in December 2011.

After the fabled Tookie’s never reopened after Hurricane Ike in 2008, Stomp’s was opened in 2011 by some of Tookie’s ex-employees, duplicating much of the look, feel, and tastes or the original.

Then about a year later, Tookie’s itself was reincarnated by a new owner. But Stomp’s has continued to flourish and even grow. And some people think the new kid on the block is better than the original.

Jan got her usual Outlaw Burger with an 8oz. 100% Angus Beef patty, Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Chopped Jalapeno And Onions and Salsa Picante, Served On A Bun With Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato.

Stomp's Outlaw Burger

All of their patties are 100% Angus Beef, and ground and formed in-house.

I got the double-meat Hog Wild, with two 8oz 100% Angus Beef Patties, Mixed With Rendered Bacon And Topped With Melted Cheddar Cheese Served On A Bun With Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, And Pickle. That’s 16 ounces of Angus Beef.

Stomp's Hog Wild Burger

I don’t even try to eat this by hand. It’s fork food all the way.

We also got an order of their Half and Half Onion Rings and Fries.

Stomp's Half and Half

Their onion rings are almost as famous as their burgers, cut, battered, and fried all in-house. Delicious as well.

Stuffed to the gills and more, we drove on up to Sundowner Canvas, also in Kemah, to see if they could do our new awnings.

They were kind of hesitant, but said they could do them if I furnished the filler rods. No problem since I planned to take all the old panels to them anyway, and the rods are reusable.

The only problem seems to be how busy they were and how soon they could get to them. The owner is supposed to give me call with timing and prices.

They did give me a scrap sample to bring home so I could hang it on the old awning and see what it looks like, color-wise.

And I think I nailed it.

This is what I photoshopped a couple of months ago.

Beauty New Awnings 468

And this is what I got today.

Awning Sample

The sample looks darker due to the sun going down over my shoulder, but up close it looks identical.

The sample is Sunbrella Ocean Blue, which I think will be perfect.

I just received my new PayPal Card, this one with the chip in it. And the first thing I noticed is that there are no numbers on the front any longer. They’re only printed on the back, and much smaller than usual. I guess it’s been years since anyone has hand-swiped my card, anyway.

PayPal Card New

Don’t know if this is the new norm, but it’s the only card I have like this.

In other news, Surf’s Up . . . on Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe Surfing

Every fall the southeasterly winds come down off the Sierras and kick up 3 – 5 foot waves all across the lake. Running from one end to the other, they just keep building, making for some great surfing. Very cold surfing, wetsuit cold surfing, but great surfing, nevertheless.

Back to work tomorrow, with more phone time with Godaddy, I’m sure.


The Word of the Day is: Attenuate

Thought for the Day:  

If you had invested just $100 in the Bitcoin digital currency in 2010, it would be worth a whopping $72 million today.


6 Responses to Stompin’ Grounds . . .

  1. Norm says:

    I wonder where you could cash that $72 million bit coin today?

    • gregwhite says:


      Apparently it’s pretty easy to convert Bitcoin to $$.

      Just Google “how to convert BitCoin to Dollars”.

      Apparently it’s pretty easy now.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate your comments.


  2. Donna Huffer says:

    I think with the color of the rig you shouldn’t go with that bright blue. Stick with the tan unless you are planning on re painting the rig.

  3. Tricia says:

    I also have received a credit card like yours.  And the hamburger pictures are making me hungry!

  4. Coy Lou Phelps says:

    New Walmart card is like that.

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