Merry Boxing Day . . .

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Jan and I really enjoyed our day at home, feasting on some of the Christmas dinner leftovers we had.

We caught up on some TV shows we’d recorded recently and also got in a nice nap somewhere in there. Really nice.

I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with Social Security next year. According to the letter I got from them, we got a 2% increase this year, which for me should be about $30 per month. But on my checks next year I’m getting a $3 a month.

Now my first thought was, that as has happened in the past, the Medicare charge had increased. But according to the web, the Medicare Part D charge for 2018 is the same $134 it was in 2017.

So where’s my other $27?

Even stranger is the fact that Jan’s check, even with the 2% increase, will be exactly the same as last year.

What’s up with that?

Looks like the USPS is still working at their peak efficiency. Well, peak for them, anyway.

Last Monday I mailed off three Flat Rate Priority Mail envelopes; one to Athens, AL, one to Vernon, IL, and one to Ashville, NC. All three were supposed to be delivered by Friday, December 22.

But by the next day, tracking said the delivery date for all three had slipped to Saturday. And if that were how it turned out, it would have been OK. But no, that’s not what happen.

The two going to IL and NC did make it on Saturday, but the one going to the closest destination, Athens, AL, just disappeared for six days, somewhere between Houston, TX and Birmingham, AL, with no tracking whatsoever, only to show in Birmingham early this morning and to be delivered in Athens late this afternoon.

Great Service! /sarc

If you’re in the whole Alexa thing, you know, Alexa, Dot, Echo Show, etc,m well you can now add a new device to that lineup – The Alexa Wand.

And even better, it’s free.

Alexa Wand

It’s pretty much a handheld Alexa, so you can ask it  questions, interact with it, etc., just like its big brothers and sisters. But it’s optimized for adding things to your shopping list, and even ordering items directly from Amazon. It even has a built-in bar code scanner for that purpose,

It’s $20, but when you make your first order through it, no matter what, you get an instant $20 credit.

Check it out.

Jan and I have gotten to the point that we don’t give each other much in the way of physical things for Christmas, but instead, things like our Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets a few days ago. But this year I got her a small item, almost a gag gift. But it turned out to be one of her all time favorites.

It’s a LumiLux 16 Color Motion Sensing Toilet Bowl Light.

Toilet Light

When you walk into the bathroom in the middle of the night the light switches on for two minutes and starts cycling through the 16 colors. Or if you like you can set it for your favorite. And it makes it easier to find in the dark.

Jan says she likes all the colors, even the bright red that she says makes it looks like the Bowels of Hell. Bowels, get it. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink.

The Headline of the Day :
Pennsylvania Woman Mistakenly Gets a $284 Billion Electric Bill.

Just another reason I don’t do AutoPay on anything.

Thought for the Day:

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” – President Ronald Reagan



7 Responses to Merry Boxing Day . . .

  1. Doug Sage says:

    My Medicare went up a bit and my supplemental coverage went up about 10% so I ended up with my SS take-home being less than in 2017. It sure is nice that us lower income people support the rich with their raises in the 100,000’s and higher.

  2. Jerry and Karen Walter says:

    Correction, Medicare Part B at 134 per mo is same as last year. Part D is your prescriptions. Love the toilet light.

  3. Chris says:

    The Echo wand has a ton of negative reviews. What say you, my geeky friend??

    • gregwhite says:


      Most of the negative reviews seem to be with the scanning part and off the wall prices. I doubt I’ll ever use it that way. Just voice order something I want from Amazon,.

      And remember it’s FREE.


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Good quote…haha!!

    Yea, between the govt and other entities, we are getting ripped off aren’t we?  We came home after going to see our NC kids, and learned the lovely landlady is upping our rent $50 a month.  Never mind that the well water is so nasty we never drink it, nor wash our clothes in it.  I add a ton of stuff to the laundry water in order to wash the towels…which are yellowed now…ick!  It ruined a pair of very expensive sheets last year…only cost us $200 to replace…lovely.  We may just go for a 6 month lease this time, even if it costs more…to make a point…and move in warmer weather.  Living next door to the “peeping tom” is not lovely either frankly!! Tis the season to be jolly eh?  Yea…  And the lovely mail service…I sent an envelope with a nice sized check to our daughter via the USPS of course, back in Sept. when she was hit by a stupid woman driver.  Well, that one never did get there YET!!  INCOMPETENCE reigns!!!  The local office works at the slowest speed you ever saw…and out in WA that is not acceptable…but like I tell the other customers…well, the pay is the same, no matter the speed eh?

    • gregwhite says:


      Sounds like a good reason to use the wheels under your home as soon as you can.

      Hope it works out OK for you.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Greg and Jan

  5. Linda in NE says:

    My Part B deduction stayed the same, but the Part D went up about $3. So far I’m ahead about $10, but I suppose the supplement will go up. When it’s all said & done it’ll probably be a negative “increase”.


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