Our New Burrito King . . .

Amazon really came through on my missing Azio Lighted Keyboard. As a reminder, last Monday I got a text message saying my new keyboard had been delivered to the office.

I had ordered it the previous Friday to replace our 3 year old one that had gone wonky on us. But , although the tracking info said it had been delivered and “handed to a resident”, it wasn’t one of the three ‘residents’ who ‘reside’ at our office.

And in fact, after that initial disappearing act, it never reappeared. So, on Thursday, after our mailman told us it was lost and they had no idea where it was, I emailed Amazon, explaining the situation and 15 minutes later, they had credited my account the $29.99. Nice.

And this morning the replacement one that I ordered Thursday afternoon, showed up right on time.

Way to go, Amazon!

My phone’s ‘OK Google’ voice input works again. A couple of weeks ago I noticed saying ‘OK Google’ and then asking a question no longer worked. It worked if I typed something in the Google box, and it worked if I pressed the little mic button and ask my question.manually. So I knew it wasn’t a mic problem.

I had checked it on line a couple of times, and tried a couple of recommendations, all with no luck. But today it fixed itself.

While we were at lunch, I got a notice that there was a Security Update available for my Galaxy S8+. So I clicked OK, and a few minutes later my phone rebooted and it was done.

The RV Mobile Lube people called today and we’re now scheduled for this coming Friday afternoon around 3pm or so. Just one more thing out of the way before our trip.

I’m in the planning/ordering stages for my remote dump system. I think I’ll use the same box to hold the components that I used in my 50amp tester project, along with a blank wall plate. Then I’ll drill holes in the plate to install the two 1/4” phone jacks where I’ll plug in the two actuators. Since they both come with 1/4” phone plugs, it makes more sense to use that and not cut them off.

Inside the box I’ll mount these two remote controller units that I ordered today.

Dump System Remote Switch

Then it should be just a matter of mounting the actuators  and connecting them to the dump valve handles. Easy Peezy, right?  Well, that’s the fun of a project like this. You never know what problems will pop up.

Not wanting to take any chances with our newly-arrived keyboard at my client’s office, Jan and I headed into the Clear Lake area to pick it up, and while there, eat lunch. And for the fourth time since Sunday, we ate again at the East Star Chinese Buffet. So that’s Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and today, Saturday.

The place is ready good, with everything fresh and hot, and done in small batches. Even  the pizza must be really good, since they seem to have trouble keeping it supplied. I think it really says something about a Chinese buffet when people like their pizza too.

Of course, eating at the same restaurant 4 days in one week is not a record for us. That honor belongs to the late-lamented Burrito King back in the early 80’s. In that case we ate there every night for a week.

Yes, seven days in a row. Because that’s where everyone wanted to go for dinner. Over the years we became friends with the owner’s, the Montoya family, who owned other BK’s out in California. At one time there were two her in Houston, and over 20 total in the chain.

But out Webster location sadly closed when the family members moved on to other careers. According to this article, Burrito King, over the years the chain has faded to just two remaining units in California. The piece is an interesting read, with the details matching up with what we knew at the time. And I think a lot of the same problems caused the downfall of the local Ninfa’s restaurant chain here in the Houston area.

A local institution for many years, it crashed and burned due to family infighting, over-expansion, bad decisions, and mismanagement. Another sad loss.

Thought for the Day: 

Sometimes when I think I’m losing my mind, I reassure myself  that as long as I don’t misplace the part that tells me I need to pee, I should be OK.


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