Snow and BBQ . . .

One year ago today we were in Bend OR staying at the Bend/Sunriver Thousand Trails park for two weeks. And it was SNOWING!

Snowing in Sunriver OR

With the weather starting to tickle the 90’s here in the Houston area, it’s starting to sound good.

With another busy day planned, Jan and I headed out about 11am to first have lunch at the Cheddar’s up in Webster. We figured that by getting there early we’d beat the crowd and we were right. But by the time we left less than a hour later, they were on a wait.

Our next stop was at my client’s office to pick up an Amazon package that came in yesterday, and to tell my client that his office parking lot becomes an overflow parking lot for the restaurant right down the street. That’s what keeps setting off the Wyze camera’s motion detection alarm in the early evenings.

The camera is mounted in the lattice work along the roof edge of building and it’s pretty invisible from any distance if you don’t already know it’s there.

Office Wyze Camera Location

Don’t know how we’re going to handle this, possibly by not turning on the alarm until after the restaurant. We’ll have to figure it out.

The Amazon package I picked up while I was there was a sunshade for my Garmin GPS.

Seems like no matter which direction the sun is, the glare is always on the GPS screen, so I ordered this.

Garmin GPS Sunshade

GPS Sunshade

It’s a quick setup, only taking a couple of minutes to snap it on and add the extension hood. It’s not specific to Garmin, but is more based on the size of the unit. But it fit mine perfectly.

Our next stop was a local electronics place for some more Remote Dump project parts. I was looking for a couple of mini DPDT toggle switches and a couple of momentary SPST switches to mount on the control box to be able to manually control the valves from the water bay.

I did find the two DPDT switches,

Dump Project DPST Switches

but I didn’t find any momentary switches that I liked, so when we got home I ordered a couple of these from on eBay.

Dump Project Push Buttons

Hopefully next weekend I can start putting it all together.

Finally heading back down towards Santa Fe, we made a Lowe’s stop so I could return the outlet box I got last week that turned out to be too small for the dump valve controller. Then it was right next door to WalMart to return the storage room lock we got that turned out to be too large for the slide lock, and then get another one, this time a combination lock that’s a little smaller.

Then it was back to the rig to continue sorting and packing stuff to take over to the storeroom in the next few days.

Tomorrow we’re driving up to Katy to have a Mother’s Day get-together with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon. Unfortunately Chris and Linda will be up in Kingsland prepping for their move next month, so they’ll be missed.

The Headline of the Day:  Indiana woman who may have killed 10 people, accused of serving victim’s remains at BBQ

Shades of Fried Green Tomatoes or Alfred Hitchcock.

Thought for the Day: 

Alexa and OK Google Don’t Get Along.

Here’s what OK Google says about Alexa.

OK Google Alexa

And here’s what Alexa says about OK Google.

That’s Not A Name I Can Respond To!


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