Up On The Roof . . .

Cue The Drifters.

That’s where I spent part  of today at work , , , up on the roof. I was installing a solar-powered LED motion detection floodlight light like this.

Solar LED Light

The bright lights in the background at the office causes the camera to darken down the foreground of the parking lot too much. So it looks like this.

Wyze Com Nighttime 2

I tried putting a piece of cardboard over the top of the camera lens to block out the background lights, but that just reflected the IR LEDs back into the camera, actually making things worse.

So we decided to install a couple of motion sensing lights to brighten up the parking lot, so I got to try out my new ladder.

Since we started RV’ing, I used a Cosco model like this.

Cosco Telesciping Ladder

It telescopes to make a 13 ft. step ladder if necessary. It’s very sturdy . . . and very heavy, almost 50 pounds. And it’s kind of overkill for what I need.

So I found this one on Amazon for about $80.

New Ladder at TES


But then it folds down like this.

New Ladder

I picked it up yesterday but just left it in the truck to use today. And it worked out great. At 24#, it’s half the weight of my other one and very versatile, since with 3 hinge points it can be configured into many different setups, including a stepladder and scaffolding.

So far I really like it.

The push buttons I ordered from eBay came into today,

Dump Project Push Buttons

the ones that I’m going to use on my Remote Dump Valve System so hopefully I’ll get to start wiring it up this weekend.

Tomorrow we’ll probably move some more stuff over to the storage room and then have dinner out.


Thought for the Day:

The Older I Get, Seems Like The Earlier It Gets Late.


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