Poison Spiders . . .

Jan and I were up at 6:15 and pulling out of our site at the Timber Trails RV Park by 7am

We were meeting Jan’s sister Debbie, her husband Jim, their daughter Tana, fiancé Curtis, and various and sundry kids, at the Denny’s in Vandalia. We had already scoped out a good parking spot for the rig the day before, since we were planning on already being hooked up.

Denny's Group 1

Denny's Group 2

And our luck held because someone wasn’t parked in our hoped-for spot. It can be difficult to find a place to park a 62+ feet vehicle that can’t really back up, so that you can get it in and out without too much problem. But this time it worked.

There have been times when we’ve parked the rig in the middle of a big parking lot with not one around for 100 feet on any side, and some a*****e will come along and deliberately park right in front of the rig, six inches off our bumper. Believe me, I have been severely tempted to just plow them out of the way, but I have resisted.

So far.

Non-RV’ers don’t realized how sharply a rig can actually turn since the front wheels are so far back from the front bumper. So far I’ve always been able to back up the foot or so necessary to get clear without unhitching the toad.

In fact, in 11 years and over 84,000 miles, I’ve only had to unhitch twice to get out of a tight spot, and both of those times it was bad routing from our GPS. Word to the wise, don’t take Poison Spider Rd out of Casper, WY heading for the Oregon Trail turnoff.

“ It’s A Trap! ”

Of course, in hindsight, nothing good can be expected at the end of Poison Spider Rd. BTW Poison Spider Rd. passes right by Poison Spider High School.

No, I’m not making this up.

Anyway, we all had our usual great meal, got our hugs from everyone, and were on the road by 8:30, heading for Athens, AL, about 400 miles away. We’ll be here until Saturday, when we start back to Houston.

The reason we were again getting such an early start was that I still don’t have generator working yet. I got it to start and then run for about 5 seconds, but then it dies. And before I could get any further with it. I had to button it all up so we could do family stuff and then be ready to leave this morning.

But we’ll be here in Athens until Saturday ,so since we won’t have quite as much family stuff going on, I’m hoping to get a handle on it before we leave.

And except for being hot and sticky, it really was a pleasant 7 hour trip, even though it was about 3 hours longer than we normally like to do. The roads were pretty good, and only one construction slow-down that turned out to be for a non-existent problem, at least on Sunday when no one was working. But because they didn’t want to move the barrels out of the way, all traffic on I-57 was narrowed down to one lane for about 5 miles, putt-putting along at 20 mph, with no sign of any workers, construction equipment, or even any work being down and not finished. Just a long of rows that started and stopped.

Jan drove again this trip, for about 90 minutes from right after we got on I-57 at Salem, to right before we turned off on I-24. She did fine, even though it was a little windy.

We pulled in to our family’s Northgate RV Park about 3:45 and got unhitched, set up, and plugged in. Then, while the rig cooled down, we got in the truck and went to have dinner at Catfish Cabin, a local favorite of ours, and a tradition that we always eat here on our first night.

Their hushpuppies, salad dressings, cocktail and tartar sauce, and many other things are all make from scratch. And it shows. Or tastes, anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the generator and we’ll start catching up with my relatives. Looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day:

If history teaches us anything, it’s that history rarely teaches us anything.



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  1. Hi Greg, I saw on your blog post that you’re at “our family’s Northgate RV Park” in Athens, AL.  We’ve stayed there a couple of time (have family in Athens) and wondered if you meant literally someone in your family owned the place?  It’s been several years sinc we’ve been there, but the owner back then was super nice. Hank asked him about the shotgun in the office, and was told it was to take care of coyotes that were botherin the livestock.

    Safe travels!

    Selene Montgomery



    • gregwhite says:


      My uncle Ed, Dr. Ed Calvin (now deceased), his wife Jan, and son Wes own the park. My cousin Wes is probably who you talked to about the coyotes.

      We’ve managed to come through here every year since we started RV’ing in 2008. It’s really nice to have an RV park in the family LOL.

      We also lived here for a while in the 60’s. In fact, I went to the 10th grade here at Athens High School after we moved back from South America.

      You said you have family here. Any chance you’re kin to Elliot Montgomery? We went to Columbia Military Academy (CMA) together in 1965-1966.

      Good to hear from you.

      Greg White

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