11 and 13 . . .

Jan and I both agreed that today was the first day that we felt halfway normal again. Which is pretty good for us, since half-normal is pretty much normal for us. At least on the Normal-Crazy scale.

Getting to work I was hoping that the website Linux computer had finished doing it’s hard driver repair scan. But it was still cranking along. So rather than telling it to fix one problem at a time by pressing the ‘y’ key, I stopped it and then restarted it , including the ‘-y’ in the ‘fsck’ command from the # prompt.

And off it went, and it was still running when I left, which doesn’t bode well at all. If it’s finding this many errors it’s probably a major malfunction, and not repairable. But either way, I got back on moving the site up to Godaddy.

Luckily I’ve got the data files backed up so once I get the Zen Cart shopping cart set up and functioning I should be able just install the SQL databases and pick up where we left off.

Our European Advenutes LOGO 4

11 and 13 are how many pounds Jan and I each gained on our trip, so dinner tonight we were back onto our regular meals, and back on to our diets.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a chance to at least get to take a look at the radiator problem on the truck, but, as usual, we’ll see.

Random Thoughts on our Europe Trip:

TJMaxx is called TKMaxx over there. Same logo, just a K instead of a J.

There are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam, and it seems like they’re all on the streets at the same time.


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