Scenic Cruising The Rhine . . .


We had been sailing all night from Wertheim Am Main heading to Koblenz along the last part of our Main River voyage.

And, by last part, at a little after 9:30, we passed under the Kostheimer Brücke bridge

Cruising The Rhine City Bridge

and hung a right onto the downstream flow of the Rhine River.

This part, known as the Middle Rhine, has probably more castles, churches, and palaces per mile than anywhere else, supposedly over 25,000 of them.

Starting with the Biebrich Palace,

Cruising The Rhine Biebrich Palace

and another church to be named later.

Cruising The Rhine Castle 1

Or at least I didn’t get the name of this one, as well as a few others.

The Rhine along this part of the river is very fast flowing, so there are these breakwaters all along the way to protect the banks from being eroded away.

Cruising The Rhine Breakwater

Next is the Binger Maus Tower, or Mouse Tower.

Cruising The Rhine Binger Maus Tower

These small ones along the river’s edge were actually Toll Stations where passing ships would stop to pay the toll to the local lords. Armed guards were usually stationed here, often with a chain across the river to block the way until the toll was paid. This one dates from the 1300’s.

The Burg Eltz Castle

Cruising The Rhine Burg Eltz Castle

A Gothic church, complete with what looks like a Gothic garage.

Cruising The Rhine Church

And this rambling castle apparently comes with its own RV Park.

Cruising The Rhine Castle with RV Park

Another unnamed castle, but very picturesque.

Cruising The Rhine Castle 2

What looks like a castle on the hill above this Gothic church is actually the town’s water tower, built to look like a castle.

Cruising The Rhine Csstle Water Tower

I guess kind of like those cellphone towers that look like trees.

This one’s pretty much in ruins.

Cruising The Rhine Castle 3

And this castle has a town, vineyards, a church, and an RV Park.

Cruising The Rhine Castle 4 with RV

This is the famous Pfalz Island Toll Castle, complete with cannon ports for those pesky toll evaders.

Cruising The Rhine Pfalz Island Toll Castle

Gutenfels Castle, which as the sign says, is now a hotel.

Cruising The Rhine Gutenfels Castle

Schonburg Castle

Cruising The Rhine Schonburg Castle

Another Castle/Church Combo.

Cruising The Rhine Church 1

Another Toll Tower.

Cruising The Rhine Toll Tower

This photo shows the extent they will go to use every bit of arable land possible, even on steep hillsides.

Cruising The Rhine Vineyards

Famed Lorelei Rock, where legend has it that a water nymph/mermaid would sing pretty songs and lure sailors onto the rocks in the narrowed passage.

Cruising The Rhine Lorelei Rock

And of course, the obligatory statue of said water nymph/mermaid on an island in the river.

Cruising The Rhine Lorelei Statue

This is Rheinfels Castle, now partially restored.

Cruising The Rhine Rheinfels Castle

And another Maus (Mouse) Castle, this one near Wellmich.

Cruising The Rhine Mouse Castle Wellmich

Finally coming in to Koblenz, we passed the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, and the funicular that takes tourist across the river to it.

Cruising The Rhine Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Dinner tonight was special, with A Taste Of Germany theme.

Cruising The Rhine Taste Of Germany 1

Besides the usual menu, there was a separate one of German specialties.

Cruising The Rhine Taste Of German Menu

All really good.

And this time we had our waiter, Nikolai,

Cruising The Rhine Taste Of Germany Nikolai

get a group photo of everyone, yes, even me this time.

Cruising The Rhine Taste Of Germany Group

Next up is Cologne, with only a couple more days on our cruise after that.

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