Things Are Looking Up . . .

As soon as we got home from dinner/WalMart yesterday I unpacked and set up the IcyHot TENS unit. I stuck it on my left waist/hip and then turned it on.

IcyHot TENS Unit

But as I said yesterday, the nighttime would be the real test. So before I came to bed, I turned it on and set it for 30 (Out of 63) and went to bed.

That was when I discovered two problems with this unit. First is that it will only run for 30 minutes before it shuts off, and the way the unit pulses through a 15 second cycle of varying pulse durations, and then it repeats. Kind of disconcerting when you’re trying to sleep.

And the fact that it shuts off after only 30 minutes means that you could fall asleep pain free and then a hour or so later wake up in pain since the TENS had already shut off.

But the new TENS unit that’s due in tomorrow should fix both of those problems.

For dinner this afternoon we ended up at the Chili’s over by I-45 and 646. We both wanted to get their great Grilled Chicken Caribbean Salad,  our favorite dish there for a long time.

Chili's Grilled Caribeann Salad

Just as Delicious as usual.

Then on the way home we made a Walgreen’s stop so I could pick up some spare 2032 batteries for the IcyHot unit.

I forgot to post in Friday’s blog that we found a new place to eat in this area. We drive past it almost every day, but since the sign says Doreck Meat Market, we can be forgiven for not knowing it’s also a Eat In/Take Out BBQ-Burger place.

Doreck's Storefront

Doreck's Meat Market

They’ve been voted the Best Burger in Galveston County several times, and Jan says it’s a good choice.

Doreck's Cheeseburger

And of course, I can never resist an Angus Ribeye Steak Sandwich.

Dorecks' Angus Ribeye Sandwich

And the Fries were great too. Notice that the steak is twice as big as the bun.

We’ll definitely go back.

Thought for the Day: 

Everyone has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege.



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  1. Rob says:

    That steak sandwich looks good!

    I put Doreck Meat Market on my list of places to stop at if I go by, I’d like to try that steak sandwich.

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