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Work was finally back to normal today, since Jennifer was back on duty. Of course it took most of the morning for Dr. Heimlich and myself to try to explain all the weird stuff we had left for her to try and straighten out.

But by the afternoon she had it all sorted out and was back on track.

I meant to post a photo of the old spark plug that I finally got out yesterday, but here it is now.

Dodge Dakota Bad Spark Plug

I’m not really sure what happened here but the first two or three threads are just gone. It sure doesn’t look like it’s cross-threaded, at least not in a way I’ve seen before. So maybe one of our intrepid readers has an idea.

The new plug went back in just about as hard as the old one came out. But when I drove it back and forth to work today it was running a lot better. Not perfectly, still a little rough, but much better.

It’s been a good while since I shot a heli-coil, but I’m going to see how the truck runs over the next few weeks before I go that far.

So tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, it’s on to the brakes.

Looks like starting this Thursday Karma and I are going to be on our own for about 10 days. Thursday afternoon I’m taking Jan up to Brandi’s for about 10 days so she doggie/kitty-sit while Brandi, Lowell, and Landon are down in Costa Rica.

It’s Landon’s first trip out of the country so he’s excited to have his own passport now.

Jan and I are in the market for a new 4” Foam Mattress Topper for our Queen size bed. We’ve had this one for about 5 years and it’s showing its age.

But the main reason I want to change out is that I’m looking for something cooler, and I’d prefer something I can get from Amazon. Easier to return if I don’t like it.

So I’m open to any blog reader recommendations. Bring it on.

Thought for the Day: 

Sometimes your worst nightmare is just a start.



3 Responses to Top This . . .

  1. Butch Williams says:


    It sort of looks it pulled some aluminum from the head threads.

    Se if some local shop, has a thread chaser (not a tap) of the correct size and pitch, to clean them out. Then, anti-seize when reinstalling.

    For spark plug hole repair, there are better products than heli-coil, time zerts being one of them.

    Best of luck,


  2. Butch stole my thunder.

    Be Safe and Enjoy an easy fix.

    It’s about time.

  3. Chris says:

    I agree with Butch about thread chaser. Re your foam topper…We purchased a Leesa mattress from
    I lay on it for 5 min after it expanded and declared it too soft for me. I called Amazon to return it and they said they do not accept used mattress to return. Then she said she will just refund my $1300 and to please give mattress to to GoodWill, SallyAnn or whatever.  Now that’s great service and you’ll have no problem returning a foam topper….to GoodWill.But thats what they do here in Canada…your mileage may vary.

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