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OK, Who Smuggled The Snake In?

Or I guess it could be a water moccasin. But it would be a long swim.

And just where is St. Patrick when they need him?

I mean, they gave him a whole day, and a parade and everything.

Ireland records first-ever venomous snakebite

Who’s the patron saint of snake-charmers?

When I did a dump on Thursday I noticed a pinhole leak in my sewer hose, so after checking WalMart’s prices, I reordered the same one I bought from Amazon 5 years ago.


Thetford RV Sewer Hose

I’ve never had one last for 5 years before so I thought I’d go this route again. Of course some of them died from an errant Weed Eater, so nothing’s sure.

R.I.P. DirecTV?

It seems that the word of the street is that AT&T, who now owns DirecTV, is thinking seriously about shutting it down. In fact, according to this USA Today article, they are no longer marketing the service except in “more rural or less dense suburban areas.”

The problem is that DirecTV is bleeding subscribers, down from 20 million in 2015, to 16 million now, all the result of ‘cord cutting’, I.e. everyone getting their TV via streaming on the Internet rather than cable or satellite.

Supposedly one of the remedies of this is for DirecTV and Dish to merge into one larger unit. Not that Dish is in any better shape than DirecTV. About half the size of DTV, Dish is hemorrhaging viewers at just about the same rate.

To me this possible merger of two ‘failing’ companies reminds of the merger of Sears and  Kmart. Merging two almost-out-of-business companies just gave them one larger almost-out-of-business company. Probably the same here.

We’ve been DirecTV subscribers since 1998,  ten years since we started RV’ing, and while the park Wi-Fi here is fast enough to stream even without our satellite dish, it will be a lot more ‘iffy’ when we travel. Either way I would hate to see DirecTV go away.

Wrapping up, Miss Karma and I will be on our own most of next week. Brandi and Lowell are picking up Jan tomorrow so she can Landon/dog/cat sit during Landon’s Spring Break next week. Then I’ll go up and get her Thursday afternoon.

But at least we’ll have lunch at King Food before they go.

One Last thing.

Don’t forget to Spring Forward tonight.

Thought For The Day:

One problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.


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