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Rethinking The Shed . . .

About noon I went out to check out my AC fan problem. First up, I pulled the fuse and found it fine. So next I disconnected the fan blower motor and checked for voltage coming to the motor and found it was dead. But to double check I went ahead and pulled the blower motor and connected it across the truck battery. And it whirled away.

So that told me that the problem was probably with the resistor pak/harness, so I dropped the resistor pak harness and pulled the resistor pak. And Bingo!

Dakota AC Fan Resistor Plug 1

And certainly looks like it was the problem. And the harness end looked just as bad

Going online I found that the problem was fairly common and AutoZone, and others, sell complete replacement kits.

Dakota AC Fan Resistor Harness

So since I knew what I needed now, Jan and I headed out for lunch at Yummy Yummy’s, thumbing our noses at the WuFlu once again. Then on the way home we made an AutoZone stop for the new harness.

Back at the rig I replaced the old harness with the new one. I noticed that the new wires and the plug were much heavier than the original. So hopefully it will last another 16 years like the old one.

Dakota AC Fan Replacement

Of course, before I reinstalled the blower motor and the harness, I held the blower up and turned on the truck fan. And it whirred away.

I got it all mounted and the wires tucked away, cranked up the truck, and tried the AC. And it worked great. In fact the air was blowing harder than it had been recently. So I guess it’s been dying for a while.

When we having lunch at King Food last Sunday with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, Lowell mentioned that he was going to get a small plastic shed for their backyard to store lawn tools, etc. This got me to thinking about our shed problem.

And a little Amazoning led me to this one.

A Rubbermaid Roughneck Slide-Roof Storage Shed

Plastic Shed 1

Plastic Shed 2

Plastic Shed 3

When I actually started thinking about the things we wanted to store in it, I realized we did not need something as big as the 6’ x 8’ metal one we had been looking at.

This one is 5’ x 6.5’ and comes complete with a floor. It’s all plastic, so no rust, and has a 12 year warranty. But the best feature is that it can be snapped together in just a few hours, as opposed to the 12+ hours of the metal one.

I also like the Slide-Roof feature, making it easier to take stuff in and out.

The only real drawback is that at $480., it’s about $200 more than the metal one. But I think the features make up for the extra cost.

Plus, being a large ticket item, Amazon lets me break it down into 5 monthly payments with no additional charge or interest. Nice!

It’s set to be delivered right here to the site next Thursday morning, between 9am and Noon.

Tomorrow we plan on lunch at Los Ramirez Mexican and then a HEB/Walmart stop so Jan can get some things to take up to Brandi’s with her.

Thought For The Day:

“Men rise from one ambition to another: first, they seek to secure themselves against attack, and then they attack others.”  – Niccolo Machiavelli


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