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And Now For Something Completely Different …

Landon’s in his 3rd day of Homeschooling, and of course, what’s school without a PE class.

Landon's Homeschooling PE

Landon said he could get used to this.

I’ll bet he could.

I mentioned a few months back about my 2nd favorite book series, Bob’s Saucer Repair.

Bob's Saucer Repair

This is what I wrote back in September.

Basically, a guy comes home and finds a beautiful alien girl trying to repair her flying saucer in his garage. With a lot of interesting ideas and funny situations, it’s a really fun read. Just gloss over the fact that alien flying saucers use antifreeze for coolant as well as hydraulic fluid.

But a lot of twists and turns keeps it very interesting. Even Jan loves them.

A Great Deal at $2.99, or free under Kindle Unlimited.

Jan and I just finished Book 8 in the series and the books have gotten better and better. Though there’s still a lot of humor, the stories have become a little darker, with more action, and a lot of great story lines.

Even more recommended than before!

And in other book news, Robert Heinlein has a brand new book out, in both Kindle and Hardcover.

Heinlein - Pursuit of Pankera

Yes, I know he’s been dead for over 30 years, but this new book, The Pursuit of the Pankera, was written in the 1980’s and parallels The Number of The Beast. In fact the first third of both books is the same, but then the stories diverge in a parallel, but different, direction.That’s why the subtitle of both is A Parallel Novel About Parallel Universes.

The Pursuit of the Pankera was known as a large number of fragments, plus Heinlein’s handwritten notes. But when someone started piecing the fragments and notes together, they found they had the entire book. So every word is Heinlein’s, with no ghostwriter filler.

After starting Pursuit, it was so good it made me go back and buy The Number of the Beast to read it again too.

And even better, both books are only $6.99, much better than the $14.99 usually charged for mainstream publisher novels.

Wrapping up, I saw a headline today that Tilman Fertitta, billionaire owner of about 60 restaurant chains, like Landry’s, Saltgrass, Claim Jumpers, and many others, in addition to the Houston Rockets Basketball Team, had laid off 40,000 of his employees today, about 70% of his workforce.

When I mentioned this to Jan, I think she was somewhat disparaging of him doing that. He’s a Billionaire, after all. That is until I ran the numbers for her.

Let’s say the average hourly rate for the 40,000 employees is $20 per hour. Remember this covers management as well as line employees.

$20 x 40 hours per week = $800 a week average paycheck.

But when you now multiply that by 40,000, it comes out to $32 million dollars A WEEK. And then you’ve got payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and additional benefits too.

He may be a billionaire, but I’ll bet he doesn’t have $64 million in cash lying around to shell out every two week pay period for very long. 

Jan was a lot more understanding when I laid it out this way.


Thought For The Day:

“Stupidity is the only capital crime. The penalty is always death. There is no appeal.”- Robert A. Heinlein


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