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Missing Their Best Friend . . .

Jan and I met Brandi, Lowell, and Landon up at King Food this morning, where apparently I traded my wife off for a plate of their delicious Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings with Garlic and French Butter.

King Food Garlic Honey Crusted Wings 3

Better than a bag of magic beans, I guess. And anyway it was more of a rental since I’ll get her back on Thursday.

Both Landon and Baxter are missing their best friend.

Landon and Baxter at the Park 2014

Baxter watched them take Kitty to the vet for the last time this past Thursday, and was waiting at the window for her when they got home.

Baxter Waiting For Kitty

And even today, she’s still waiting at the window. Both of them still missing their best friend.

Yesterday we were out and about, first eating lunch at Los Ramirez, and then doing some grocery shopping for Jan’s stay at Brandi’s. She wanted to get the ingredients for her world-famous spaghetti sauce, which everyone wants when she’s up there.

She also want to get few things for her lunches, so our first stop was the local HEB. And I was curious to see how much, if any, panic shopping was going on. And if looks like they were doing a good job keeping everything stocked.

Though the shelves were a little thin, they had plenty of toilet paper, water, bleach, etc., all the things that people seem to be looking for. The only thing I noticed out of stock were those Lysol or Clorox Wipes.

Next up it was across the Interstate to WalMart, and things were a little more hectic there. The toilet paper aisle was much barer, thought still stocked, as was the water and bleach supplies. But once again, the Lysol/Clorox Wipes were AWOL. Hopefully things will settle down and the panic will subside.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been anticipating a new piece of software coming out, especially something from Microsoft. Probably the last time was waiting for Windows 7 to replace the Windows Vista abomination.

And before that it was probably the original DOOM,


pretty much the only video game I’ve ever really played for any period of time.

Even Miss Piper got in on the action.


She would pound the mouse on the table, yelling “DOOM!, DOOM!”, as she fired her gun and killed the demons. And she was pretty good at it too.

Of course then she grew up and got a real gun.

Piper with Gun

But I’m really looking forward to the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it really looks fantastic.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1


It’s just about like watching a movie, or seeing it in real life.

They say that all 37,000+ airports in the world are in the program, utilizing high resolution satellite and ground photos. And if you turn the Weather option on, it will display the actual weather in that place at that time, whether it is rain, snow, lightning or sun.

Check this out.

At least now I’ve got a n ew computer that should fast enough to run it.

Thought For The Day:

Be Yourself! No one else wants to be you.


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