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What’s the End Game?

After our successful AC repair on Saturday, Sunday seemed like a good day to get started on our Rubbermaid storage shed. I had already opened the box to get out the manual and some of the parts bags,

So, following the manual I pulled out the 3 floor pieces and laid them out on the patio. But before I could screw them together I first had to use a screwdriver to punch out the holes in two of the panels.


After I put the first couple of screws I could tell my battery-powered screwdriver wasn’t going to hack it for all 16 screws, and it was going to be a lot easier if I drilled some 1/8” pilot holes in the planks. And it did make a big difference.

I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the flooring was, with not sags or give when I walked on it. Next I laid out the side and roof panels in place to see how it all fit together.

Rubbermaid Shed Assembly 1

Because of the emphasis on keeping the shed level as it’s being assembled, so we decided to put it together on the patio and then

I sometimes wonder if the people wrote this manual ever had an outsider put together a shed using it. For example, the manual tells you to punch out the screw holes in the left rear wall panel,

Rubbermaid Shed Assembly 2

and then snap the panel into place on the floor. But the panel has to be held upright by one person while the other one is told to punch out the holes in the rear wall and then set it in place.

OK, why not just tell you to punch out ALL the holes in ALL the panels before you start putting it together, rather than have someone just stand there holding a panel up.

We decided to just as much prep work as we could on Sunday and then start the actual assembly on Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll be able to get all the walls up and fastened together, and maybe a little of the roof done.

Rubbermaid Shed Assembly 3

it looks like the FDA has finally caught up with the many ‘anecdotal’ studies about the efficacy of  the HydroxyChloroquine, Azithromycin (Z-Pack), and Zinc Sulfate combination.

Don’t know what the several state governors that actually made it against the law to prescribe HCQ are going to say now. And I kind of wonder about some of the doctors/scientists that say we shouldn’t be using it until we do double-blind controlled studies to be sure it works, since pretty much all of the ‘anecdotal’ studies had been done using patients that were in very critical shape.

So if you were in the hospital on a ventilator, would you want to be in the Control Group that gets the placebo? That’s the problem with these kind of studies at a time like this. The drug test can be a success, but you’re dead.

Now I have heard of some tests where the results are so obvious that the researchers will break the blind and give the real drugs to everyone. But the problem here is that things can go so bad so quickly that breaking the blind might happen too late for some.

Novartis and several other drug companies are reactivating production lines to start making HCQ, which might really be needed if the next HCQ revelation comes to fruition.

Many doctors on the front lines have been reporting excellent results from taking HCQ prophylactically. Not not that kind. It means taking it as a preventative, not to cure it, but to prevent you from catching in the first place.

Which is exactly how HCQ is used against its original nemesis, Malaria. I took it as a cure for malaria in South America, while soldiers in Vietnam took it every day as a preventative.You can read about the first couple of HCQ studies here.

If you remember last week I alerted you that the guy in London who forecasted 2.2 million deaths the U.S. from the WuFlu, had revised his prediction down a little.

Down to about 50,000. Yeah, that’s a ‘little’, all right.

The latest figures from the authorities is 100,000 – 200,000 deaths, which others researchers say is ‘poppycock’, and is just another ‘chicken little’ situation.

One thing to look for in the next couple days is the rate of new cases. Sunday’s new case total of 18,469 was down almost 1,000 from Saturday’s total. So is this just a momentary blip, or has the curve started to flatten, as they say?

We’ll know in the next couple of days.

Finishing up on a lighter note, here’s a really well-done version of Bohemian Rhapsody called Corona Rhapsody. What’s really neat is that it’s one guy singing all four parts.


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