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R.I.P. Miss Kitty . . .

Brandi called us today with some sad news. They had to put Miss Kitty, Landon’s long-time companion and protector, to sleep.

Landon and Kitty 2

She was 13 years old, a good run, since the average for a Black Lab is a little over 12 years. She’d been going downhill for a good while, but finally got where she couldn’t not even walk.

Landon and Kitty were more brothers than anything else. They would fight over toys, play together, and roughhouse around.

Kitty and Landon

Kitty was also very protective of Landon. So much so that when Jan and I first visited Landon when he was just a few days old, Kitty got between us and Landon and blocked us with her body, easy for a 120# dog, not letting us get close until Lowell told her we were OK. Then we were her best friends.

She will be missed by all.

I did get some good news today though. I got the renewal docs for my National General RV/Auto policy this morning, and was happily surprised that not only did my rate not go up, but actually went down about $25 per month. WOW!

But actually they’ve always been pretty good with my rate. We’ve been with NG for about 10 years since our friend Chris Yust signed us up at an RV rally and saved us about $100 per month over our Progressive policy. And even more amazing, when we had our $20,000+ rig blowout in May 2015, I think our rate went up about $4 per month the next year.

Thanks, Chris.

32# is apparently a lot heavier than it used to be. Personally I blame a recent increase in the earth’s gravity. Or something.

Jan recently wanted some dumbbell weights to exercise with. She already had a couple of 2# ones, but wanted some heavier ones. So I ordered her these.


Amazon Dumbbell Weights

So the shipment came in at the office this afternoon, so while we were out and about, we went by to pick it up.

But maybe ‘pick it up’ isn’t really the right right phrase. Maybe ‘tried to pick it up’ would be better.

There was a day when I would have been able pick up a 32# box under both arms and head off. But today it took both hands and a lot of straining to get the box out to the truck.

This whole ‘growing old’ thing is not quite working out like I wanted, but I guess it beats the alternative, as they say. Of course it still could just be gravity’s fault.

Yeah, let’s go with that.

Thought For The Day:

A lot of people have issues, but they just refuse to cancel their subscription.


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