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Worse Than The Disease?

As I mentioned before, I thought that as the WuFlu testing ramped up, the mortality rate would drop. This is because I thought that the number of deaths would continue its much slower climb. And that seems to be what’s happening.

  • 4.06% March   8 (22 deaths of 541 cases)
  • 3.69% March   9 (26 of 704)
  • 3.01% March 10 (30 of 994)
  • 2.95% March 11 (38 of 1,295)
  • 2.52% March 12 (42 of 1,695)
  • 2.27% March 13 (49 of 2,247)
  • 1.93% March 14 (57 of 2,954)
  • 1.84% March 15 (68 of 3,680)
  • 1.83% March 16 (86 of 4,663)
  • 1.70% March 17 (109 of 6,411)
  • 1.57% March 18 (150 of 9,259)
  • 1.50% March 19 (207 of 13,789)
  • 1.34% March 20 (256 of 18,980)
  • 1.55% March 21 (302 of 19,383)
  • 1.24% March 22 (419 of 33,546)

And except for that one little upblip on the 21st, it’s been a constant decrease in the death rate.

Unfortunately I think there’s a lot of outrageous information roaming around on the Internet, especially on Facebook.

I saw someone posting that she had read some official saying to expect over 1,000,000 deaths in the U.S, even with how everything’s shut down now.

Or maybe like this Dallas County Judge who thinks there’s a possibility of over 580,000 deaths. And even his best-case scenarios aren’t very realistic.

Dalla Judge Virus Declaration

The real problem with both of those numbers is that they’re in the range of the total U.S. deaths from the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, which was about about 675,000 deaths.

And based on a 1% mortality rate, that would mean that 5.83 million people would have had to be infected. Right now we’re had less than 40,000. That means that the infection rate would have to go up over 145 times what is now.

In the next 3 weeks!  Does anyone really think this is going to happen?

The CDC is still saying that 80%-90% of those infected will show little or no symptoms. I heard from some friends and some readers who have experienced symptoms like mine, and at about the same time. So I’m not sure where some of these wild figures are coming from.

And, although every death is meaningful to someone, we’re now at 23,000 deaths for the seasonal flu so far since last fall.


Later this afternoon Jan and I went outside, and with her help, we laid the shed box down on its side and pulled the top off.

Rubbermaid Shed Open Box

Since it was still sprinkling, all I really wanted to do was pull out the instruction manual since I didn’t want it to get wet. I do have a downloaded copy, but sometimes there are updates in the box, as there was this time, a change in the number of several parts.

We hope to get started in the next few days while we’re in quarantine. Though it’s hard to tell since I will be going into work tomorrow as usual.

And if you want something for your kids to do while you’re all cooped up together, you might try this latest offering from the Lego folks.

Fun for the whole family.

Lego CV Panic

Ya’ll stay safe out there.


Thought For The Day:

The WuFlu is the 21st Century version of Tulip Mania. At some point, people will wake up and wonder what madness drove them fill their living room with cases of toilet paper.


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