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Up On The Roof?

Jan and I were out the door a little after 7am this morning, heading up to Friendswood for our annual checkups.

Rob Amoto, our park owner, has been working on getting our new street lights installed, and just got them upright a couple of days ago. And this morning was our first time to see them in action.

They’re daylight LED lights and really brighten up the area.

RV Park New Lights 1

And the daylight part means it looks like this underneath.

RV Park New Lights 2

We got to the doctor’s office about 8am, and found that they would only let one of us into the  office at a time. Everyone was wearing masks and gloves, and complaining about how hot it made them. Then after letting Jan and I in one at a time, they put us in a room together. After the nurse drew our blood, the doctor quickly went over our prescriptions and we were out to the desk to pay.

That’s when I mentioned, “Aren’t we supposed to pee in the jar?”


I think they were a little too much in a hurry to get us out the door.

Then after filling our bottles, we drove down to the Home Depot on FM646 for a few things. It was interesting to find that it was pretty much business as usual there. I wanted to get a can of spray cleaner to clean the coil in the Coleman Mach 15 AC unit in the front of our rig.

I pulled the inside panel to see if I could unclog the outside drain hole, since rather than run off the side of the rig, water was dripping down inside. But while it quickly became obvious that I was going to be up on the roof in the near future, I also found that the coil was pretty dirty and I needed to clean it ASAP.

As we left HD, I submitted an online order to the nearby Whataburger so we could drive by and pick it up. Our receipt said our order would be ready in 5-7 minutes, and to park in the lot and an attendant would bring out our order.

But after about 15 minutes we had not seen anybody, so we got in the drive-thru line and found our order waiting for us. Don’t know where the problem was, but our burgers were as fantastic as usual.

Then we across the roadway to park in a shady spot in the WalMart parking lot to consume our long-missed burgers and fries. These were our first burgers in a long time since we’ve been prepping for good numbers on our tests at the doctor’s.

Done with our burgers, we drove over closer to WalMart and went in to pick up a couple of items. Though the store was about as busy as usual for a Tuesday morning, the parking lot seemed to reflect the whole ‘social distancing’ meme.

Rather than most of the cars being clustered near the doors, cars looked to be scattered all around the parking lot, even out to the edges.

So spread in the parking lot, and then huddle together in the checkout line.

Got it!

Our daughter sent over this text this morning, reflecting the trials and tribulations of Homeschooling.

Homeschooling Day #2.

Landon was getting ready to log into Zoom for his morning meeting with his class and I told him the items he still needed to do this week and he said “I don’t have to do ALL that today, do I?”

And I said “no, we will space it out” and he says “whew, you’re my savior…the lazy teacher I always wanted!” 

Our son, Chris, sent back, “Smart Ass runs deep in this family.”

He would certainly know, if anyone would.

Finishing up, readers know that I’ve been passing on the latest news about the use of Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine to combat CoVid-19/WuFlu/Kung Flu. In fact I mentioned it a week ago when it wasn’t yet being mentioned in the main media.

I was seeing postings about these medicines coming in from doctors in France/Italy/China, and others. But now with them being mentioned on every news channel, people are doing stupid things.

You may heard about a couple in AZ who took Chloroquine, with the result that he died and she’s in the hospital in critical condition. But what a lot of the articles failed to mention for some reason, is that they didn’t take medicine, they took fish tank cleaner.

Here’s what I posted.

This was fish tank cleaner, not medicine!

This is like someone saying, “This recipe calls for salt. And salt is sodium chloride. But I don’t have that, so I’ll use this stuff called ‘sodium hydroxide’ instead. It says it has ‘sodium’ in it, so it will work fine.”

And of course, ‘sodium hydroxide’ is LYE.

Or deciding to drink wood alcohol because you don’t have any ethyl alcohol. Hey, they’re both alcohol, right?

Unfortunately, for this couple sometimes there’s just no accounting for stupid, even with sad results.

As I mentioned before, I took both Chloroquine and HydroxyChloroquine for malaria back in the 60’s with no problems, except for more of a reoccurring upset stomach on the Chloroquine.

But I never took anything from PetSmart.

Thought For The Day:

“Don’t mistake activity for achievement.” – John Wooden


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