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Cream Of What??

Tomorrow morning Jan and I have our annual doctor checkup appointments. I was wondering if they were still on, since we didn’t get the usual robocalls confirming our appointments. So I put in a call to the office and talked to them.

When I ask about our appointments, the lady went off for a couple of minutes and came back and told me that they were only doing Tele-Health appointments using FaceTime. When I reminded her that these were our annual checkups that involved a lot of blood tests and peeing in a jar, she again went off for a couple of more minutes. This time when she came back, she said ‘OK’, and that we could come in for our 8am appointment as long as we were feeling OK.

Jan was also supposed to get her yearly mammogram tomorrow afternoon at 1;30 and we got a robocall this morning confirming it. But then this afternoon I got a people-person call asking if Jan could come in at 9am tomorrow morning instead. When I told her Jan had another appointment at that time, she rescheduled her for 7:30am Thursday.

Yikes! That’s two days this week I have to get up way too early. But since it’s for my Sweetie, it’s OK.

Last week I mentioned Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine as a possible preventive/cure for the WuFlu. And now much more data is coming in. And it looks very, very promising.

New York State has acquired 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine, 10,000 doses of Zithromax and 750,000 doses of chloroquine, and the trials will start tomorrow.

And a doctor in a hard-hit area of the state has come up with a treatment regimen for the virus.

   400mg Twice a Day on Day 1
   200mg Twice a Day on Day’s 2-5

Azithromycin (Z-pack)
   500mg Once a Day for 5 Days

Zinc Sulfate
   220mg Once a Day for 5 Days

The doctor and his associates have treated a total of 500 cases using these drugs.

The results:

0 Deaths, 0 Hospitalizations, and 0 Intubations (Respirators or Ventilators)

When asked about these results, another infectious disease specialist said that with this number of patients, normally you would have 30-40 hospitalizations and 3-5 deaths.

I certainly know what I want to take if I get the WuFlu (again). I’m going to ask my doctor tomorrow it they can check my blood for the WuFlu antibodies, which would tell whether I actually had it.

Finishing up, when Jan and I were at WalMart this past Saturday, I noticed that the Soup area was pretty stripped too, with only a few very unpopular flavors like Green Pea and Cream of Asparagus left. And this new release doesn’t seem to  be real popular either.

Cream of Bat Soup 
I wonder why?

Thought For The Day:

Be careful when you follow the masses. Often the ‘M’ is silent.


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