Seven Weeks And Counting . . .

Well, here we sit starting seven weeks in Prescott, the longest we been in one place since the winter of 2013. Talk about Hitch Itch.

And I’m not really sure we’ll get out of here this week like we had hoped. The glass guy is coming by tomorrow morning to ‘measure’ the opening, which tells me that the glass has not even been ordered yet. Which means probably 3 or 4 days before they’re actually ready to install the glass. So I’m thinking it will very possibly be some time next week before we get out of here.

If we’re lucky.

We’re booked into a hotel for two nights starting tomorrow, but I suspect I’ll have to extend that. Hopefully I’ll know more tomorrow.

About 2:30 Jan and I drove over to Texas Roadhouse to have linner. One thing we both like about this location is that they don’t have the loud music blaring like others. In fact, they had no music whatsoever. Very nice.

Jan had the 12oz Sirloin while I went with my usual 16oz Ribeye, and this was another great steak from them, just like last time.

Texas Roadhouse Ribeye 2

Tender, with just the right amount of fat around the edges that crisps up, it was delicious. Hopefully we’ll get to go back before we leave the area.

One thing that Jan and I always laugh about when we’re at a Roadhouse is remembering the first time we went to one. This was about 15 years ago, back when they had the big barrel of peanuts in the waiting area, and the floor was covered in peanut shells.

Our granddaughter Piper was only about 6 at the time, and when she walked in, she looked around and said in a loud, little-girl voice, “This place is filthy. Don’t they ever sweep up in here?” And the place roared.

Maybe that’s why the floor is clean now and they don’t have the big barrel of peanuts anymore.


Thought for the Day:

Recently there has been some talk from politicians about again trying to switch the US over to the metric system. When a reporter asked a college engineering professor what he thought of the idea, he said,” There are two kinds of countries in the world: Those that use the metric system, and those that have walked on the Moon.