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It’s Dead, Jim . . .

Or at least it’s broke real good.

Jan and I were up and out the door by 8am this morning, first to the Cracker Barrel right next door for breakfast, and coffee. Definitely coffee.

Then we drove into Covington for more AW-32 hydraulic fluid and some gasket material. So far this trip I’ve bought over $250 of AW-32 at $14 a gallon. Yikes!

So my idea was to use the gasket material to try and make a seal between the motor and the bracket, at least well enough to get me home using a few more gallons of AW-32.

But it didn’t work.

Apparently the seal between the fan shaft and the motor has ruptured, letting the fluid just squirt out around the shaft. So the motor will have to be replaced. Not something I, or my son Chris and I, could do. At least not parked in a mall parking lot.

So at this point we were not going anywhere today. At least not in the rig. So to make  things easier on Jan, I called my daughter Brandi to see if she and Lowell could meet us half way in Lake Charles and take Jan off my hands. At least temporarily. LOL.

So that round-trip ate up six hours of the afternoon. About all I got done today.

Tomorrow I’ll called Cummins about the problem, and then call the Cummins repair shop in Baton Rouge to get their take on things. And if if looks like they can handle the problem in a timely manner, I’ll call Good Sam ERS to get a tow scheduled, which could be tomorrow or the next day, since this is not an emergency situation.

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And so it goes.

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