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More ‘Q’ . . .

Recapping yesterday.

We were out the door about 9:30 and heading about 100 miles south to Birmingham, with our first stop about 11:30 at the Golden Rule BBQ in Irondale.

We’ve been eating here for more than 45 years, but we’re still youngsters as far as the restaurant goes, since it opened in 1891, it’s been around for more than 125 years, the oldest continuously-operating restaurant in Alabama.

Golden Rule BBQ

It started out as a roadside stand selling BBQ to people on the way to Atlanta . . . by horse and buggy! And when automobiles came along, they did auto repairs on the side.

The roadside stand was replaced by an actual restaurant building in the late 30’s, and then the present building was erected in the 50’s when they widened the highway,.

We both had a sliced pork sandwich, mine with a cup of their famous Brunswick Stew, and Jan’s with fries.

Golden Rule BBQ Sliced Pork

I  also got mine with half ‘Outside Cut’ or ‘Bark’. That’s the darker area of the meat on the sandwich. That gives it a bite, a crunch, with the char really adding to the taste.

From 1993, after my father died the year earlier, I drove up from Houston to Birmingham every month for 12 years, to look in on my mother, getting her groceries, taking care of any repairs, etc.

And I always had lunch at Golden Rule while I was out shopping.

After lunch we drove around for a while, checking all the places we knew that aren’t there any more. One thing we did do was to drive by my parent’s house in Mountain Brook.

Sharpsburg Dr House

My parents owned this place from 1972 until 2005, and it’s really a shame what the new owner(s) had done to the landscaping in the front yard.

Originally there were big tall oak and pine trees there, with a large flower garden underneath. Really beautiful in the spring. But now it’s just blah.

It’s about 3,000 sq. ft., with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. The neat thing about the place is the garage on the bottom floor. Each side runs the entire length of the house, meaning that you could actually park 10 or 12 cars in there.

One thing I bet the new owners don’t know is that my father’s ashes were scattered in the rose garden there.

Out next stop was the McDonald’s behind what used to be Eastwood Mall.

Eastwood Mall McDonald's

At the time, in the early 70’s, this was the busiest McDonald’s in the country, believe it or not. They were one of the 3 test locations for the introduction of the 1/4 Pounder Hamburger, the first location to have Ronald McDonald Birthday Parties, and the first one to have a playground, in case, outside, on the left of the building.

For about 18 months in the 72-73 time frame, Jan and I were the grill team here. I worked the grill and Jan did the buns. We got there at 11am after our classes and worked the lunch rush straight through until 1:30 or 2:00pm. Then we hung up our aprons and left. No mopping up, no cleaning. Just make a lot of hamburgers really, really fast, and then go home.

But just like my parent’s house, all the beautiful oaks and the garden/playground are gone. As is the original building, actually. Just stark and bare.

Later we drove out to the Center Point area where we lived two different time and also went to school. Then heading over to the nearby Trussville area and made a stop at a Books-A-Million so Jan could check on a couple of books.

While I was checking out the magazine section, I came across these two magazines telling you how you can start your own home business.

Books A Million HIgh Times

Books A Million HIgh Times 2

At least if you live in the right state.

Of course that may or may not matter to you.

A little later we drove over to our friend’s Bill and Carol Alverson to get together for dinner. So after catching up for a while, Bill drove us over to the nearby Jim N Nick’s BBQ.

So yes, we had BBQ twice yesterday. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The last time we ate at a Jim N Nick’s was in the Memphis area in 2015, and this one was just as good.

Jan had a Pig in a Bun Sandwich with Coleslaw, and a side of Mac N Cheese.

Jim & Nick's Pig on a Bun

I had the 2 meat Combo, with Ribs and Pulled Pork, along with BBQ Beans and Collard Greens.

Jim & Nick's 2 meat Combo

Very, very good.

Afterwards we went back to their house and spent the next several hours catching up. Back in the 70’s, Bill and I were both Broadcast Engineers at WBIQ TV and WENN radio here in Birmingham, so it was great to talk over old times.

Bill and Carol Alverson

And Jan and Carol had a great time comparing booklists of their reading likes.

Finally about 10pm we said our goodbyes and made the two hour trip back to Athens, finishing up a very nice day.

Now back to today.

After our long trip yesterday, we goofed off this morning, not doing much of anything.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

I did bring my Garmin 1490LMT GPS in from the truck and tried to update it. And tried. And tried.

It got about halfway through the 2+ GB download and then died. When I tried to restart it, the program said that Garmin was having server problems. So I kept trying for the next several hours until it finally started back up again and I got the update completed.

About 4:15 we drove over to my Aunt Virginia’s house to take her out to dinner.  I’ve always called her ‘Ninny’, since when I was really little I couldn’t say Virginia, so I shortened it to Ninny.

Jan and Ninny at Rosie's

We headed over Rosie’s Cantina in Huntsville, another of our favorites, as well as Ninny’s.

Jan and Ninny both had the Pollo Loco Grilled Chicken Breast,

Rosie's Cantina Pollo Loco

while I had the Spicy Beef and Cheese Stuffed Chile Relleno.

Rosie's Cantina Chile Relleno

Both delicious as always.

Not sure what’s on tap for tomorrow, but we’ll figure something out, I sure.

Thought for the Day:

If free speech is taken away, dumb and silent we are led, like sheep to the slaughter – George Washington 


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