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Hurricane Fever . . .

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Based on the fact that the weather down in the Clear Lake area was forecasted for Severe Thunderstorms and High Winds about the time I would be heading home this afternoon, I decided I didn’t really need to be down there this morning, So I again used TeamViewer to take care of a few things.

About 12:30 Jan went into Hurricane mode and decided we didn’t have enough food in-house, even though we were just at Wal-Mart yesterday, so we headed out for some more shopping.

As we were leaving the park, it was obvious that a lot of people had left.

Lake Conroe Empty

We’ve never seen the park this empty

Originally we were going back down the Interstate to the Wal-Mart, but the traffic lady on the radio was talking about the heavy traffic on I-45 north all the way up to Willis, so we quickly turned around and headed over to Willis and the Kroger’s there, so we would not have to get on I-45.

And of course, being at the Kroger’s meant a Whataburger was right next door, so we ended up there for lunch. As we got parked we noticed a guy in a pickup truck all ready for the storm, with a new generator and a portable AC in the back. Nothing like preparation.

We did notice that despite what the radio had said, the traffic on I-45 north was moving right along at normal speeds. So much for traffic reporting.

Getting into Kroger’s a little bit later, it was really no busier than a holiday shopping period, except for the empty bread shelves and the almost empty bottled water aisle, probably because they had a guy by the water, restricting how much you could buy.

Jan wanted to know if we should buy some, but I reminded her that we had a 100 gallon tank in the rig, almost full.

“Oh, yeah”

But once again people seemed to have their priorities out of whack. The bread and water aisles were empty, but who wants to live on bread and water?

But what’s with the full wine and beer area?

Krogers Wine Lane

When I was checking out, the lady in front of me was unloading about 10 boxes of breakfast cereal. When I mentioned that she must be expecting to have her kids home for a while, she rolled her eyes and said she was going to have her sister’s kids too.

Then when I asked where the wine for her was, she grimaced and said that unfortunately she didn’t drink. She has my sympathies.

Coming out to the truck we had our first rain sprinkles, but it died out pretty quickly.

Coming back in to the park, I stopped at the Ranger Station to pick up our updated pass, showing us leaving on the 30th rather than the 27th.

While we were there I asked if the paving was all done, since they had just basically done the entrance and the road past the Activity Center, but not any of the roads among the sites. She said they would be paved eventually, but it was part of a 5 year plan.

When I ask what year they were in, she smiled and said, “Year One.”

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

So I guess it’s going to be a while.

Thought for the Day

‘Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth’ – 

Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR
(Council of American Islamic Relations)
San Ramon Valley Herald, July 1998


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