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Happy 7th Birthday Landon Thomas Morrison!

I spent the morning and afternoon working on client’s computer stuff, most trying to figure out the mail server situation at my client in Clear Lake.

I use TeamViewer, a program that once installed on the client’s computers, allows  me to login and control it remotely. So I can do a lot of stuff from the rig and not have travel down to Clear Lake quite as often.

Last night I dumped a box of baking soda in a bowl and left it in the fridge overnight and almost all of the remaining odor is gone. Now to restock all the staples we had in there.

About 3:15 Jan and I traveled down to the Katy area to meet Brandi, Lowell, Landon, and Lowell’s sister Sherry, at the Rainforest Café in Katy Mills Mall to celebrate Landon’s 7th birthday.

We took the Grand Parkway around this time, since we’d never done in this direction. And since I updated our Garmin GPS a couple of months ago, that’s the way it wants to take us anyway, and not by the Sam Houston Tollway as before.

Rainforest Cafe 1

Jan and I got to the restaurant and got seated along with Sherry, as we waited for the birthday boy, et. al.

Jan had the Shrimp Tacos,

Rainforest Cafe Shrimp Tacos

while I had the Awesome Appetizer Sampler.

Rainforest Cafe Awesome Appetizer

Plenty to share with Jan, and plenty to take home for later.

For dessert, and to celebrate Landon’s birthday, we all shared Rainforest Café’s famous Volcano ice cream cake, complete with sparkler

Rainforest Cafe Volcano

About every 30 minutes, a rain storm rolls through the jungle, illuminating things with flashes of lightning as the thunder rolled on.

Rainforest Cafe Sky

Landon opened one present from his Aunt Sherry,

Landon at Rainforest Cafe

but the rest waited until we got back to Brandi’s.

If you want to see the eclipse here in the Houston area, it will start about 11:45am, and will be at its maximum at 1:45pm, before fading away around 2:45. At its peak, it will look something like this,

Eclipse In Houston

with about 2/3’s of the sun obscured.

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Don’t forget your special glasses and don’t look at the sun without them. 

Thought for the Day:

“All pop music is about sex. Rock is about wanting to do it, jazz is about doing it, and country and western is about feeling guilty after you’ve done it.” – Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.


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