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Post Harvey . . .


For Jan and I Harvey was kind of a bust, at least as far as hurricanes go.

But unfortunately that wasn’t the case for 100,000’s of Texas residents down in the Corpus Christi/Rockport area, with widespread destruction over the entire area.

Port Aransas Pioneer RV Park

According to Facebook, this is the remains of the Pioneer RV Park in Port Aransas. I’ve heard various stories as to why so many rigs were there, from that many of them were left there permanently and the owners couldn’t get back in time to get them out, to they couldn’t leave because of the gas shortages. Like most thing, it’s probably a little of both.

Our prayers go out to everyone.

Just to be save I went out and let in our awnings about 1am before I went to bed, figuring it would get really windy overnight as the storm bands passed over. But we had next to no wind whatsoever and never lost power.

Although we had some rain during the night, none of it was very heavy. In fact several times in the past we’ve had much heavier wind and rain here just from normal thunderstorms. And when we used to winter over at the Galveston Bay RV Park down in Dickinson, we regularly had squalls coming in off Galveston Bay with 50-60mph wind gusts and really heavy downpours.

Jan and I were both up about 8am, about 3 hours early for me, and a little late for her, but we wanted to check in with our kids, Chris down in the Clear Lake area, and Brandi over in Katy.

Turned out that although they both seemed to have more rain and wind than we did, they didn’t really have any problems from the storm.

Of course, depending on who’s hurricane track you want to believe, the Houston area might be in for more bad weather if the now-tropical depression Harvey turns north east and heads back this way.


But based on this plot of possible Harvey tracks, it could go in pretty much any direction, so I guess we’ll see.

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But whatever happens we probably won’t leave the rig tomorrow just like we didn’t leave today. Especially since the Weather Channel says that we’re in for High Winds/Heavy Rain here in the Conroe area tomorrow.

Thought for the Day:

Google Knows Everything!

Google Knows All


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