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The Great American BBQ Tour . . .

I spent a good part of the morning working on the mobile site for the new website, trying to get everything to line up correctly.

The Godaddy Website Builder program automagically generates a mobile site on its own, but it needs to be tweaked, sometimes a little, and sometimes a lot. But I can’t really finish it up until I get the last website corrections from the client. So it’s hurry up and wait. As usual.

Later I put in a call to my cousin’s Marjorie and Anna Jean to set up a get-together tomorrow afternoon.

About 3:30 Jan and I headed down to Decatur to have dinner at Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ. Often listed as one of the top 5 BBQ places in the US, several walls are covered with their awards and certificates.

Big Bob Gibson's Awards

And even their red BBQ sauce and their white BBQ (for chicken and turkey) are award winners too.

Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Red Sauce

Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Red Sauce 2

Big Bob Gibson's White Sauce

Jan got the BBQ Chicken with Mac N Cheese and Green Beans,

(No photo. Hers came out blurry)

while I had the 2 meat Combo with Ribs, Pulled Pork, BBQ Beans, and Potato Salad.

Big Bob Gibson's Combo Plate 2

Very, very good, making it very obvious why they’ve won so many awards.

And of course we had to finish up with some of their famous pie. Jan got the Coconut Cream,

Big Bob Gibson's Coconut Pie

while I got the Lemon Cream

Big Bob Gibson's Lemon Pie

This makes the 3rd installment on our Great American BBQ Tour, with one more to go – the Sonny’s BBQ in Brandon, MS, where we’ll stop for lunch on Saturday on our way home.

Coming back to Athens we drove around for a while checking out places we used to live.

This is the house my parents bought when we moved back from Colombia, South America in 1963. It was brand new then, and it still looks pretty good.

36 Sandra Lane House

I attended the 10th grade at Athens High while we lived here, and then the next year I went off to Columbia Military Academy for my Junior and Senior years.

Greg CMA photo

See, I did have hair back in the day.

Jan and I, and our son Chris, lived here for a while before we moved to our own house (a duplex) nearby.

115 Hammonds St House

Again, it still looks pretty good.

After we’d been here a while I got on with a DOD contractor and we moved to Beaufort, SC where I worked at the MCAS (Marine Corp Air Station) at Parris Island. I was working on avionics and radar systems on F-4B, C, D, & S Phantoms.

Marine F-4B Phantom

In some cases we were stripping out all the avionics, electronics, and the engines, testing everything, and then putting it all back together again.

Getting back to the park, we went next door to visit my Aunt Janice and Uncle Ed. Their son Wes owns the RV Park here. And they have a lot to do with Jan and I getting together.

Ed was a veterinarian, and he and Janice lived in Sanford, FL in 1967 where he had his practice. I came down to visit for a while, and saw an ad for a job over in Titusville at Florida Wonderland, a local amusement park there. And that’s where Jan and I met.

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Tomorrow will wrap up our last full day here in Athens before we head home on Friday.

Thought for the Day:

‘Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth’

— Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR
(Council of American Islamic Relations)
San Ramon Valley Herald, July 1998


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