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Silver Alerts and Beaver Nuggets . . .

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When you’re driving along and see one of those Silver Alert signs,

Silver Alert Sign

do you check it out to be sure it’s not you?

Us too.

Jan and I spent the late morning and early afternoon watching the eclipse , , , on TV, starting with the beginning out in Newport, OR, where we’ve been.

One thing I found very interesting was the visibility of the solar prominences on the right side of the disk.

Solar Eclipse Flares

Here in Conroe, it started getting noticeably dimmer around 11:45, with totality (for us, at least, about 67%) about 1:15pm. The most obvious change for us was the fact that the AC was cycling on and off at noon, something that doesn’t normally happen in August.

I really liked this photo from Houston’s Lunar and Planetary Institute showing the totality here from one of their telescopes, again showing the prominences erupting from the sun’s surface.


The next total eclipse for the US is due in April 2024, with a path that includes Texas this time. So get your RV park reservations in early.

2024 Eclipse Path

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon, on the phone and TeamViewer, setting up a client’s daughter’s new laptop, installing anti-virus, anti-malware, and iDrive online backup software, and taking off some of the crap that comes installed on new machines. It went very smoothly.

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Finishing up, for those of you in the Katy area, the new Buc-ee’s there is now scheduled to open at 6am on Monday, the 28th, so your Beaver Nuggets craving is almost over.

Thought for the Day:

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words


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