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A Yen For . . .


I spent the day working on my new/old client’s problems, but at least I could do it remotely using TeamViewer, which lets me see and control the computer desktops at the client’s office from my laptop here at Brandi’s in Katy.

I’m finally starting to get a handle on things. In many cases I’ve figured out what the other guy has done, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why he did it.

I do know that the superfast SSD (Solid State Hard drive) and the increased Internet bandwidth (up to 400 Mbps) that he said was needed to host the website, were not needed or used for the website he was hosting on a server in the backroom. But instead was being used to slake his online game-playing addiction.

In fact the webserver that was running the company’s website to take orders was partitioned off so that it only was able to use about 15% of the bandwidth, with the rest allocated for gaming.

I also found that he’s been using the Point of Sale computer as a bootleg music server, holding thousands of albums, unfortunately mostly hip-hop and rap.

The one thing I haven’t found yet, but still expect to, is his almost-certainly extensive porn collection. But I’m still looking.

Nick says he wants to look too.

Still no news about the rig. Hopefully we’ll hear something today or tomorrow.

Tonight for dinner, Brandi and Lowell took us to a new place  right down the road call Yen Hibachi Steakhouse. They said it was really good, and boy, were they right.

The look is kind of Asian Modern Fusion, very nicely decorated.

Yen 1

Yen 2

And of course the Hibachi area with the grills.

Yen 3

The chef starts things off with a big fireball which really grabs the kid’s attention.

Yen Fireball

Then while the waiter brings out our soup and salad,

Yen Soup and Salad

the chef whips up the Fried Rice, in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Again a kid pleaser.

Yen Fried Rice

Now with the steaks, seafood, and veggies on the grill,

Yen Steaks and Stuff

the kids get the onion stack volcano.

Yen Volcano

Finally the entire meal is on our plates and ready to eat.

I had the rare Rib-Eye Steak,

Yen Steak

and Jan had the Chicken

Yen Chicken

Very, very good. We certainly want to go back.

Tomorrow and Monday I’ll be traveling back down to Clear Lake again for more client stuff.

Thought for the Day

“The trouble with some women is that they get all excited about nothing – and then marry him.”   – Cher


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