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Still No News . . .

Last week we were told that the rig would be ready Saturday at the earliest and Monday at the latest.

Well, it’s late now.

When I hadn’t heard from Big Wheel RV by 2pm, I put in a call to them and asked to speak to Gary, the service manager. I was told he was busy out in the yard and would call me back, but that he normally didn’t do call-backs until about 5pm.

Well, here it is going on 9pm and still no Gary. I get the feeling ole Gary ain’t going to be calling tonight.

Of course we’re certainly not uncomfortable here at Brandi’s beautiful home. How could anyone be uncomfortable here?

Brandi's Living Room

Even better with this meal she and Jan fixed tonight with a roasted pork loin, roasted carrots, potatoes, and onions, and zucchini pasta. Really, really good.

Brandi's Pork Loin

But as Jan says, ‘We just want back in our home’.

Plus I’m kind of worried about the refrigerator. We’ve been running it on gas since last Saturday, the 5th, so I’m not sure how much longer it will run, or that maybe it’s already run out. We had slightly under half a tank at that time, and I don’t have any idea how much gas it actually uses over a period of time. Hopefully we’ll know one way or the other pretty soon.

I made some more headway at the client’s today, finally getting control of the Godaddy account that holds all the company domain names, so now I can proceed with moving the website up to Godaddy’s servers, instead of the client’s backroom closet.

And on that note, the client got a good reason to regret having the webserver in-house when the Comcast internet was down for about an hour, and calls started coming in from customers wondering what happened to the website.

I’ve also been going through everything, changing passwords and looking for any possible ‘backdoors’ left in the system. And I’ve been changing all the ‘notification’ emails from the old IT guy’s address to mine.

Busy, busy, busy.

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