Back To Normal ???

Or At Least As Normal As I’m Likely To Get Anytime Soon.

As I mentioned yesterday, night before last was not too great, but yesterday was really good. But just in case, I did connect up the TENS unit to both my back and my ankle. But after it ran for the hour, I never restarted it again.

I never had any pain to begin with, and none showed up during the night either. And when I got up this morning, everything was still great, except for the fact that my left side was a little sore like I’d been exercising a lot. I attribute this to the muscle contractions caused by the TENS unit.

So with some normality, it’s time to get back on my project list. Since we’ve got the storm coming in this weekend I thought I’d get out tomorrow morning and get the spark plugs/coils replaced, and take a look at the rear brake shoes. I also want to see about mounting my new OTA Digital TV Antenna, and a couple of other chores.

Jan had a new T-Shirt come in today, tying together two of her favorite subjects, Vincent Van Gogh; and cats.

She first saw this coffee mug on Facebook and I ordered it for her.

Van Gogh Cat Mug

So when she saw it also was a T-Shirt, I ordered that for her too.

Van Gogh Cat Shirt

Not to be left out, I got a couple for me too.

Schrodinger's Cat T-shirt

And this one.

Texas Millennium Falcon Tshirt

And this one, my new favorite.

I Am Old For Good Reason

Thought for the Day:

“The works of William Shakespeare were not actually written by William Shakespeare, but by another man of the same name.”



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