No Good Deed . . .

Though Thursdays (and Tuesdays)  are days I normally don’t go into the office, I ended up there this morning, due to a stupid offer I made yesterday afternoon right before I left.

Jennifer, our office manager, has been out with the flu since last Friday, and the orders have really been piling up, so yesterday I offered to come in today to help out.

No good deed goes unpunished, they say.

But it meant that I was there when my new TENS unit came in, though I didn’t get to play with it until I got home this evening.

After I got home about 4pm we headed out for dinner we made a return visit to Pho20 for another round of Spicy Garlic Chicken for Jan,

Pho 20 Spicy Chili Garlic Chicken

and a big bowl of White Meat Chicken Pho for me.

Pho 20 Chicken Veggie Pho

And as usual we both started out with our favorite House Crunch Salad.

Pho 20 Crunch Salad

Just as delicious as always.

Back home I took a look at my new TENS, and so far I really like it.. Turns out that this is actually a professional model that was only available with a prescription. And reflecting that, it’s more much adjustable. It comes in a nice hard plastic case with two sets of leads. But the big plus for me is that though it has a timer, it can also be set to run continuously.

I can adjust the intensity of course, but also the pulse width, the pulse rate, and the mode, i.e. Burst, Steady, Modulated, and Strength-Duration modes. I’m really looking forward to the Normal mode, which just a steady buzz, and not an On-Off rate.

The professional background of the unit is indicated by the fact that it’s much more powerful than my other units. With the new one, I can only turn it up to about 4 before it becomes painful. With the old one, I had to turn it up to about 9 before reaching the same pain level. In addition, it also tracks 60 sets of patent records for up to 999 treatment hours.

The only two negatives are the fact that it uses a 9 volt battery rather than being rechargeable like the other one, but the battery supposedly will last for about 20 years. But I ordered a 9 volt battery eliminator anyway.

The other problem is that fact that that the pads and leads are non-standard, meaning they want to sell you their more expensive pads. But the connectors where the leads plug into the unit ARE standard, and the old leads/pads work fine.

I may hook it up tonight just to see how it does.

Thought for the Day: 

“Work relentlessly, accomplish much, remain in the background, and be more than you seem.”



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