Old TENS, New TENS . . .

Last night was so-so, mainly because the new TENS unit shuts off after an hour. Better than the 30 minutes of the IcyHot version, but either way I’d wake up in pain a while later. So I’d start it up again for another hour. Rinse, Lather, Repeat. At first I thought I’d tear into to it and see if I could add an external timer, but decided to just look for another unit.

And I quickly found one, that even thought it’s not rechargeable, a 9V battery will last for 48 hours straight. And even better, at $27, it’s $10 cheaper than the one I have now. That one I’ll return when the new one comes in on Thursday.

But even though last night wasn’t really great, today was pretty much back to normal. Even Jan said I looked and sounded better. And I felt better too.

And hopefully the feeling good will last because I have a number of projects that are stacking up in the queue. Along with the new TENS unit that came in on Monday, I also received the 7 additional Blue Streak Ignition coils for the truck, so I want to replace them and the plugs as soon as I can.

Then of course there’s the rear brake job staring me in the face. And I’ve got the new UPS for our DirecTV DVR charging up and I’ll put it in place tomorrow. I tried to this evening, but Jan had a bunch of her shows set to record, so I’ll have to wait.

And with all this ordering stuff, of course, I had to get a new toy. Well, maybe not a toy, but a new TV ‘thingy’.

I’d been thinking for a while about getting a outside antenna to pick up some of the 70 local Houston stations. Of course we already get the 10 or so main Network stations on DirecTV, but we’d like to see some of the 50 or so sub-channels that carry old movies and TV shows

So I ordered this antenna to give it a shot.

OTA Digital TV Antenna

OTA Digital TV Antenna

I finally got a chance to put it together this afternoon, and after hooking it up, I just laid on the passenger chair and set the TV to scan for new channels. And it found 34, with the antenna inside the rig and pointed up in the air about 30 degrees.

I had already used Google Maps to get the direction to point it, easy to do since almost all of Houston’s TV stations are in the same area of southwest Houston in the Missouri City area.

So then I took it outside and just laid it on on the patio table. Now I got 59 channels.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll get with I put it up in the air.

For dinner tonight Jan and I made another visit to Doreck’s Meat Market for a Cheese Burger/Ribeye Steak Sandwich redux. However this time we shared some of their Potato Salad and Baked Beans, both very good.

Doreck's CB and Steak Burger

And of course, any Texas meat market worth the name, will have Alligator on the menu.

Doreck's Meat Market Alligator

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel as good as I have today.

Thought for the Day: 

Power is more often surrendered than seized.



2 Responses to Old TENS, New TENS . . .

  1. Janna says:

    I too hope you feel better soon! I had a run of sciatica several years ago and it’s painful stuff!

  2. Rob says:

    I’ve used that antenna, I had it on a tall pole when I was in the Quartzsite area and it worded well.

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